Cold Blood (V)

This was an unexpected little surprise in a batch of screeners I recently received to review. On the surface, it seems simple enough – a betrayed husband, J.M. (Barnes Walker III) kills his wife, Andrea (Laurence Avenet-Bradley) with a baseball bat but can’t part with her body so he takes her back to his sister’s isolated farm where they had been married a year before. On the way, there are stops to fill the trunk of J.M.’s car with ice (can’t have the little lady decomposing too quickly) which I found blackly hilarious. And once at the farm, J.M. puts Andrea’s body in the claw-foot tub, again filled with ice, and proceeds to sleep in a chair in the next room. But things aren’t quite that simple for this love-lost murderer. It seems the caretaker’s wife, Julie (Carrie L. Walrond) has a tendency to stop by the isolated farmhouse whenever her husband John, (John M. Alton) has had too much to drink and this presents a serious problem for J.M. when he catches Julie taking a bath, before he has put Andrea in the tub. J.M. solves this problem when he finds an old freezer in one of the barns on the property but by now, there are just a few too many local yokels poking around and he has to deal with them as well now.

This is a film chock full of blackmail, double-crossing, revenge and more murder. And it’s fun to see how it all plays out and how J.M. manages to stay one step ahead of getting caught.

The film was shot on 16mm and the colors were perfect for the rural summer setting and the soundtrack really helps set the tone for the entire film. The movie, distributed by Heretic Films, is loaded with extras: Director’s Commentary, a “Making of” featurette, deleted scenes, a trailer, the songs behind the movie and SIX Easter eggs!

While not a true horror movie, there are moments that are truly creepy and suspenseful and I enjoyed seeing a rural-set film where the local weren’t all presented as complete morons. But the gore factor WAS there and for such a low-budget indie, they did a very good job with the killings. One can learn a lot about how to defend oneself with farm implements in this film.

This film was a lot of fun to watch and could very easily creep one out if you watch it on a dark night. It’s also fun to see if J.M. will get away with his mounting crimes and the flashbacks to his life with Andrea help with the overall pacing of the film. Recommended!

Official Score