Evil Aliens (UK) (V)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say this — gather a group of your horror chums, get that Plasma TV powered, fill your fridge with beer and whiskey, and order a pizza because it’s on! Jake West is bringing that UK horror charm to the States later this year with his blood-drenched sci-fi/horror splatter pic ‘Evil Aliens’, which will be your next gem in your DVD collection.

The tagline says it all, “A bloody close encounter,” as aliens and humans embark on one hell of a bloody battle. ‘Evil Aliens’ is a hilarious horror flick about a disreputable cable TV team investigating a wild alien abduction involving intergalactic impregnation on a remote farming island off the Welsh coast. The UFO story is eventually believed to be a fake and the program-makers intend to re-enact it – until they, too, face the lethal space creatures hungry for a bloody close encounter!

Any movie that opens with an abduction, which ends with an anal probe death sequence, is an instant classic on my list. This is one of the goriest and most disgusting films I’ve seen in long time. We get everything from a character getting their limbs tore off one by one to aliens chasing someone through a lake of sh-t (literally)! Jake West takes this one over the line as he makes sure to push the limits by having hardcore alien sex; just imagine the crazy purple pointy alien nipples bouncing across your screen (now is not the time to go take a bathroom break, unless you want some weird looks).

The acting is nothing impressive, but gets us through this adventure in one piece. One character really holds the story together as he plays a sci-fi geek determined to get a glimpse of an alien (and ends up sleeping with one); then there’s the classic big-breasted lead wearing skimpy shirts and the over the top acting that goes hand in hand.

Jake West’s style was very reminiscent of the Spierig brothers work on their Australian zombie pic ‘Undead’. The film looked like it was shot for a little over a mil, but the hi-def look really hurts any chance of the film being released theatrically. And the special effects- don’t get me started. Thank god this film is a big running joke because the FX work was horrendous. It’s still unbelievable how much FX was jammed into this movie with such a low budget. One shot true horror fans will really appreciate, West recreated the classic “speared girl” scene from ‘Cannibal Holocaust,’ only this time we see the spear shoot straight through one character’s mouth.

As bloody and disgusting ‘Evil Aliens’ is, the jokes are in the plenty. Most are funny while some are just downright hilarious. One of my favorite sequences involves a banana peel that’s lying on the ground during a chase scene. Jake West focuses on the peel and teases us a few times before the obvious pay-off.

After ‘Evil Aliens,’ I can’t wait to see what Jake West can do with ‘Pumpkinhead 3’ (who knew I’d ever say that?!). ‘Evil Aliens’ is coming to DVD this September, but if you can find a copy to hold you over I highly recommend spending the extra dough to have it imported. You’ve never seen such a beautifully blended mix of genres in your life as this horror/sci-fi/comedy will be the icing on your cake for the year 2006. If you see one movie this year see ‘Evil Aliens’.

Official Score