Puppets Who Kill: Season Two

If you’ve seen season one of the Canadian TV show Puppets Who Kill (review), you’ll have a small idea about what the second season feels like. And when I say small, I mean small… it’s as if the producers of the show said “we’re cutting the strings, do whatever you want… anything!” If anything the first season is an introduction to the characters, while the second season is the real fruit from the tree. Really the show should be called “Puppets Who Kill, Anal Rape, F-ck, Sue, Piss on Corpses and Marry rich old people for their money,” seriously! I haven’t seen such unethical and despicable writing in years… and I LOVE it!

Here’s the synopsis off Amazon, where you can pick up the DVD for only $13: Yes, if the cult-hit Season One DVD wasn’t proof enough then Season Two should erase any reasonable doubts – Puppets Who Kill is the nastiest little show around. The strangely demented antics of Buttons, Rocko, Cuddles and Bill return to torment Dan Redican, the social worker under siege at the half-way house he manages for the fearsome foursome, all of whom are incorrigible sociopaths. How’s this for a heart-warming episode: Bill hires a litigator to sue the families of the people he’s murdered…for emotional damages. And on it goes, thirteen episodes as far away from Jim Henson as you can get featuring everything from necrophilia to serial killing. For fun.

Like mentioned in the above synopsis, the screenplays are hilarious. One episode focuses on Nuns who are prostitutes for God, one episode Cuddles becomes possessed by the Devil and must rape Dan in the ass to take over the world, then there’s an episode where Buttons marries an old lady for her money. And it’s not just the storyline’s that are phenomenal, it’s the dialogue, like when Buttons exclaims, “Poo doesn’t smell so sweet unless it’s coming out of the ass of a millionaire!

And you might think that only the “ideas” are vulgar — no no no no no no no no no no no no (finger waving in your face) – try profuse harsh language (I think I heard the F-word eight times in one episode), stuffed animals eating out women, sex in pretty much every episode and even some serious levels of gore (like when one puppet is sniped, his head explodes and blood splatters everywhere).

Puppets Who Kill: Season Two is the Antichrist of wholesome family sitcom entertainment. It pushes more buttons than Comedy Central’s South Park and has absolutely no limit to where it will go. It’s vulgar, disgusting, repulsive, bloody, violent, harsh, unrelentless and unforgiving. If there’s a God, the writers of this show are surely going to hell… and I’m going to join them there for laughing at all of it.

Official Score