When a studio constantly shuffles the release of a film and then decides to release it in only 100 theaters, this is cause for alarm. It’s about as close to saying “this film is not reviewed for critics” as you can get. Only something is wrong here, PATHOLOGY isn’t fitting the formula and I’m strikingly confused… why is MGM sh-tting all over this intense, violent and entertaining cat and mouse tale?

The story centers on a young intern Ted Gray (Ventimiglia) who is studying pathology at Philadelphia’s University Hospital and encounters an attractive but murderous group of colleagues who have devised a deadly game to see who among them can commit the perfect murder, while the others compete to determine the cause of death.

I was expecting the absolute worst when the screening began and by the time the film ended the audience was giving applause, which has been a rare occurrence as of late. I would give much of the credit to the screenplay as it was extremely tight, had some incredible twists and very solid character development. My only complaint is that we really don’t get to know Milo Ventimiglia’s character’s (Ted Gray) history, which is essential in his decision making process, but there’s only so much you can fit into one film. I personally gathered that he was a book worm, a kid who would do anything to fit in, which he why he is skeptical and yet easily influences by his fellow classmates. His relationship with them is what carries the story as as first you want him to get accepted, and then you realize that maybe not every club is worth joining.

What follows is an intense and extremely violent game of cat and mouse. When everyone becomes involved in “the game”, it makes it so they all have something to hold over the group’s heads. There is not a single comfortable moment in the film as nobody has trust in one-another and Ted begins to cheat on his super-hot finance (Alyssa Milano), who is still back at home. But when Ted has had enough, things get worse for everyone as many of them will soon become then cadavers they dissect.

PATHOLOGY is a pessimistic view of humanity, one that suggests we are all animals deep down inside. It’s brutal to the core and really doesn’t give you a chance to breathe. If there was one movie to compare it to it would be FLATLINERS, where the group convinces themselves that they have good intentions in their actions, but what results is more destruction than anyone could have ever expected. PATHOLOGY suggests that in playing God there will only be consequences to each and every persons actions. But our animal urges will continue to lead mankind blind through life.

But the film isn’t just a morality tale hidden deep in a dark place, it’s a fun ride filled with laughs and plenty of gore. The black comedy helps give the movie a little pacing that is much needed when you’re trying to prove a point. In short, PATHOLOGY is a fun flick with its message hidden within, which is the way it should be.

If you are a hardcore fan of films like FLATLINERS, I guarantee that you’ll dig this flick. PATHOLOGY is really a gem that doesnt deserve to be overlooked. My only gripe is that we don’t get to see Alyssa Milano naked more. As of the moment I am writing this, the film is opening in only 100 theaters and I highly suggest making an effort to find a theater playing it near you. PATHOLOGY is destined to become a cult classic with the horror crowd.

Official Score