Babysitter Wanted (V)

Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri have teamed together to try and do what HALLOWEEN did to babysitting nearly three decades ago, only BABYSITTER WANTED takes a much different path.

With the rash of other babysitter movies hitting the big screen over the past few years (BLACK CHRISTMAS, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS), this is probably the best. This film takes place in a small college town where a girl gets a babysitting job on a rural farm and is terrorized throughout the night.

Barnes, who also penned the screenplay, took a lot of elements from HALLOWEEN and spun them in a different direction. You have the babysitter, the ahab, the small child and the killer. Without ruining the twists and turns, all of these elements come together to create a new spin on the babysitter scenario.

The idea is fantastic, but the execution of the screenplay made the twists extremely obvious. The surprises aren’t nearly as forced as they seem, and had they been less of a twist and more organic it would have made for a better film.

As for the entertainment value, I wasn’t expecting much from the film and was pleasantly surprised. There are some extremely violent and bloody sequences and a surprise cameo by Bill Moseley. The FX work is very well done and some of the violence is done in a very CHAINSAW-esque way.

Another positive note is that BABYSITTER’s production value was astounding; the film looked and felt like a high budget indie horror film, quite possibly theatrical worthy. The acting on most occasions was top notch, even though the dodgy attempt to trick us forced some odd and unrealistic moments. But in the end I feel that BABYSITTER is a satisfying picture, one that many of you will enjoy quite a bit.

Official Score