In the Wall (short)

Winner of best horror short at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and winner of the audience award at the Another Hole in the Film Fest in San Francisco, CA — something here is brewing. We don’t normally review short films here on B-D but felt with all of the hype we should give a little time to Mike Williamson’s IN THE WALL, which continues it’s impressive world tour this month.

On the eve of the hottest New Year on record, a young pregnant wife happily prepares for the birth of her child. But her secretive husband may have darker plans for the family.

Instantaneously Williamson has shown vast improvement from his first lengthy short film THE SILVERGLEAM WISTLE. Most impressive was the atmosphere created as the entire short carries an uncomfortable yellow glow, which really helps in bringing the heat out of this record setting eve.

The directing style of the film is also quite unique and shows the talents of an upcoming filmmaker, while the screenplay is written is such an edgy way that it combines elements of a classic TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode and something from the eerie mind of David Cronenberg.

IN THE WALL stars an impressive cast: Erin Brown (The Lost, The Rage), Patty McCormack (The Sopranos), Chris McKenna (Art School Confidential) and Annika Svedman. The only weak spot in terms of acting came during an intricate moment between Erin Brown and her husband, where she seemed a little “off” in her delivery.

IN THE WALL not only displays a new talent that is soon to be reckoned with, but it also delivers the punch. It’s rare when a short film is not only wonderful to look at, but also has some sort of depth to it’s story. It’s truly a great feeling to watch 25-minutes and feel like you get an entire movie worth. Just wait until you see this shocker, it’s going to bring you back to a time when the twists kicked you in the balls and had you talking for days.

Official Score