Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers

Its funny to look at the cover of this DVD. With Asylum Entertainment releases, you’re totally lying to yourself if you don’t instantly recognize that this film’s sole hope of survival is to thrive off of its similarities to The Amityville Horror (the house on the cover), The Exorcist (which it mentions), and The Exorcism of Emily Rose (a recent hit which could easily be confused with this title, to an impulsive, lesser-informed consumer). Low budget, no name actors and actresses, and prejudice scoffs from people who wouldn’t give it a chance are what lead me to view this disc. The fact that it ended up being a street sexy, sinfully satisfying possession movie is why I’m writing this quick review.

Granted. You can pick this movie apart if you want to be a prick. Its, of course, very similar in structure to the classic Exorcism plot from the original 1974 legend. Clark and Anne Pederson move into their new home with Anne’s much younger sister, Gail (Erica Roby). Gail’s mom and dad are dead, and now she lives with her sibling – both of them on either end of the spectrum regarding Christian beliefs. Gail withdraws to the garage where she makes her room, and befriends Francie (Rebekah Kochan), a neighbor, who is a carbon copy of your average neighborhood tramp. A Ouija board comes into play, and soon something evil is breaking through from the other side, entering and possessing Gail, who gradually succumbs to total evil by the near end of the film.

Horror fans will find several facets worth absorbing. Death by crucifix into the jugular, girls clawing out their eyes in the shower, scissors stabbing aortas – gushing and squirting large quantities of dark blood. Not heavily enough to call this a “gore” movie – but enough to keep it wet. You might also be interested to know that every female lead in the film ends up topless. This one is heavy on sex, and dirty talk. This demon works a hot, nasty tongue.

If you run out of things to watch, and Exorcism: Possession of Gail Bowers crosses your fingertips, don’t be so quick to pass it up because of what you’ve heard. You’re in the horror section because you like violence, evil intentions, and blood – maybe even a little devilish sex and nudity. This film doesn’t climb to Exorcist heights. It takes the story out of the courtroom, where Emily Rose earned its credit, and puts it back in the house where it belongs. You’ll get everything you expect – levitation over the bed, whispers and shadows in the hall, “mice” in the attic, demonic tongues, growling, terrified adults, contact lenses, a major exorcism showdown, and one badass bitch in the bedroom – low budget style.

Final analysis: After everything I had read, and after laughing when I read the title upon its release, I have to admit, its better than I thought it would be. I wanted to hate it, but couldn’t. In fact, I’m going out on a limb to say that it was cool. The cinematographer’s slightly blurred style of filming added a positive effect. This is one of those movies that just got a bad rap right from the start. Don’t give it high hopes, forgive it of its shortcomings, and Gail Bowers just might turn your ass on.

Official Score