Demon Knight

HBO’s Tales from the Crypt series first big screen release is called Demon knight starring Billy Zane as the Collector, William Sadler (The Mist) as Brayker and Jadda Pinkett-Smith as Jeryline. Obviously there are many more characters in this movie, but these are the three main ones.

The movie starts out with a traditional crypt keeper intro, followed by a high-speed car chase between the Collector and Brayker. The hit song “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter fuels the scene. In my opinion, a great soundtrack can make a movie…well in most cases. Brayker is a guardian of a key that in the wrong hands (the Demons) would turn the world black and release all the demons upon the living. The main protection of the key is in the contents of this key, which contains Jesus’ blood. You can seal off rooms and doorways by spilling a drop of blood to keep the demons out.

Brayker is chased to a small town called Wormwood, N.M. and forced to hold up in an old church that had converted to a hotel. In the hotel we get to meet some cliché characters such as the prostitute, the off-kilter postman, the abusive boyfriend, the tough hotel owner hard ass, Wino and former convict Jeryline (Jada Pinkett-Smith).

The whole movie sets up as a good vs. evil, God vs. Satan and Man vs. Beast. The more you watch the movie, the more you learn about the various characters and learn that they are all there for a purpose and one of them will become the next person to replace Brayker.

Throughout the movie there are nice bits of humor and gore, such as arms being ripped off, people turning into demons and nice one-liners from the cast. I think this is one of Billy Zane’s finest performances…although I really don’t know of too many other movies he has been in other than Titanic (eck).

I would suggest this movie to anyone looking for a good, horror /comedy / action flick. Demon knight actually exceeded my expectations, due to the fact that most TV series turned movie turn out considerably bad. Like stated earlier, this has a great soundtrack, good special effect (for the most part), good humor and above average acting. Demon Knight not only should appeal to the die-hard horror fans, gore-hounds and the occasional horror movie watcher.

Official Score