Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl & Incest Boy (shor

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and straight off a festival run at Tromadance comes a beautiful story of star-crossed love and homicidal romance custom made to rip out your still beating hearts.

I don’t cover a lot of short films here, but every once in a while something comes along that really catches my attention. Sometimes it’s because the filmmaker has a solid track record with quality product (Devi Snivley, TEENAGE BIKINI VAMPIRE) or puts together an insanity kick ass short like Paul Solet’s GRACE or Adam Barnick’s MAINSTREAM. Other times it’s because the film sounds so off-the-wall it would have to be seen to be believed. This is one of those times!

If you’ve got a MySpace (and at this point, who doesn’t) and a passing interest in genre cinema than you’ve no doubt already heard or seen something about director Richard Taylor’s THE MISLED ROMANCE OF CANNIBAL BOY AND INCEST GIRL.

Taylor, who has worked periodically for Troma Entertainment—and obviously shares in their manic marketing prowess—shot the 13-minute short film on Super 8 and even lassoed Troma president Lloyd Kaufman into a cameo appearance. The film is a silent movie with an accompanying score of metal and melody to punctuate the tale of two societal miscreants who find not only true love but also inventible fatality.

In 13-minutes some filmmakers could show you the whole world, or just a glimpse. Taylor spends one wild afternoon with our wounded lovers. Cannibal Girl begins her day stomping on the head of poor Lloyd Kaufman before making a meal of his spattered brain. Later on she takes out a whole mess of others, munching intestines and writhing around in the gory grue. Incest boy is leashed and walked in all his fetishistic glory by a cruel owner who leaves him tethered to large steel pole. Saved by Cannibal Girl, the pair frolics off together passing time throwing rocks at cars and deliriously romping through the springtime of new love. Ahh, it’s a heartwarming tale of gut-munching, penis-eating, head-stomping fun with a little nudity for luck and a satisfyingly bleak, yet surprisingly resolute ending that will literally tear your still-beating-heart right out of your chest!

Taylor gets high marks for keeping the flow and visually depicting the story with no dialogue. We might not really get that Incest Boy (Paul Lucero) is a child of forbidden love through the films story, but we’ve got no doubt recognizing the dude’s not all together there! Cannibal Girl (Janine Laurent) on the other hand is the sexiest Goth freak show this side of a Suicide Girls spread so it’s easy to see the attraction for the human-puppy dog up there.

So…all you Gorehound guys, if you’re looking for loads of the wet stuff, and a little T&A you’re gonna be in for a real treat. If your girlfriend is looking for a little more love with a little less animal slaughter and rape than say CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, look no further. If the pair of you get any ideas after watching this film…just stay the hell away from me!

Official Score