Pot Zombies (V)

What’s in a name? Well…in the case of POT ZOMBIES it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guesstimate that the film you’re about to watch has Pot and Zombies in it! But it might surprise you (or it might not) that that’s the only thing it has in it! Well…that and an appearance by punk band, The Dwarves. Oh yeah…It’s also got Lesbians in it (really…what else would you expect from a Troma Film).

Technically director Justin Powers movie is not a “Troma Film”—it is however inspired by and distributed by the famed studio. POT ZOMBIES is the first in a proposed series of films that Lloyd Kaufman and company are picking up based on the idea that they were manufactured after their creators were inspired by Kaufman’s “Make Your Own Damn Movie” DVD and Seminar. The name of the series is not surprisingly the prophetic—MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE: YOUNG FILMMAKERS SERIES. And, I can only hope that POT ZOMBIES is not endemic of the future releases.

Truth be told, this 60-minute long flick hardly qualifies as a motion picture. It’s a digital video compilation. A series of vignettes where the massive cast of characters—most of whom don’t seem to have any names—smoke some weed, turn green and commence eating each other. Each of these 8 to 10 minute segments is broken up by an interlude featuring a cartoon joint making faces and whatnot. The idea is that it’s supposed to be funny. It’s not really that funny. The film floats the backstory through it’s 5 minute opening credit sequence that a big ass bag of Cannabis Sativa is purposefully poisoned with radioactive gas and that the gas turns the grass into some literally Killer Weed. It sounds like the set up for a movie right…wrong. There’s no movie here. It’s just the same sequence over and over again—with the cast mixed up for good measure.

The highlight is the naked lesbian make-out sequence where (and I don’t mean to be too crass here but….) eating someone out takes on a whole other meaning. Really this sequence is only interesting because it slightly varies from the norm—which is typically redneck/punk guys sitting around smoking out with their girlfriends. The most inventive sequence begins backstage before The Dwarves perform a set. The band tokes up and then turns into zombies too, delivering a memorable moment when a guitar is thrown through the torso of a random fan in the crowd…and you thought moshing and stage diving were the only dangers at a punk rock show!

The funniest part is at the outset when the film takes the opportunity to absolutely dispel the notion that the actors, actresses and band members are in fact smoking marijuana in the film—as that would be illegal. However, I find it nearly impossible to believe that is the case. My proof…you’d have to be high-as-a-kite to think that making this, or starring in this movie, was a good idea.

So, is POT ZOMBIES by any means a valid and just production (even by Troma standards)? Not on your life. Does it show promise for the future of its filmmakers? Perhaps and Director Justin Powers has gone on to contribute segments to LOVECRACKED and THE ANCIENT. In addition, according to his website, he and the gang are prepping for POT ZOMBIES 2: MORE POT, LESS PLOT (which I find an impractical probability). Regardless of all this, will POT ZOMBIES find it’s way into many a Stoner’s DVD Player on a Friday Night? In-Doobie-tably!!!

Official Score