Through all the movies I’ve watched in the last year and reviewed, I thought I had seen the worst.

I was wrong.

The setup of KnifePoint is believable: two sisters – one in a wheelchair – insist on staying in their apartment for the holidays without the aid of their mother. Bad move. They end up victims of a home invasion.

More than likely, this is a pretty realistic portrayal. A group of five hooligans – some with clever gang-sounding names like Old Boy – break into the lavish Venice Beach apartment owned by Abbie and her disabled sister Michele. The two sisters have already been set up as having their own issues with each other ala What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. Did Abbie purposely try to injure Michele? Was it truly an accident? Do we even care? Apparently the two were also medal winning swimmers according to photos that are continuously focused on. Perhaps having Michele crippled by a pool accident and living enviously of Abbie may have helped the storyline.

Ok, I’m lying. Nothing could have helped this film.

Peacefully sleeping, the girls are attacked by said hoodlums in the middle of the night. Almost immediately greasy thug Rizzo wants to rape Michele while her sister watches. When done, he wants to use a nice knife harness on her also. Think Se7ev, except it’s not effective because we don’t have an Oscar-caliber actor pulling the strings. No, instead we have Lorraine.

The only female of the ruffians, Lorraine’s one liners grow worse with ever turn. Her overly smug portrayal of a criminal chick with attitude is the biggest downfall of this film. The entire movie revolves around her calling her victims names like ‘sugartits’ while they constantly ask to be let go. Meh.

The rest of the gang includes the creepy big black guy, Brownie, who also wants to rape one of the sisters while calling her ‘white bread.’ It’s just very unpleasant to watch. Partially because, going back to my main point, it’s probably a very realistic depiction of these types of events. But really, it’s just so uncomfortable to watch because I am really embarrassed for the filmmakers who thought that this was amazing craftsmanship. The actual filmmaking in the idea of quality of video and sound is not bad at all. It’s edited well, lit well, and the sound is available in both stereo and 5.1. The short backstory of the sister is also well done, but every bit of self-righteous writing grows tiresome within ten minutes of the invasion itself.

KnifePoint is brutal, but not in a good way. The tagline of the movie is ‘The human body contains six quarts of blood. Prepare to see every drop.” How about we don’t, and say we did?

Official Score