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“With an FX master working his magic, I was sure that there would be something redeemable in an otherwise putrid film. Boy was I wrong. Morituris has landed firmly in my mental list of the ‘worst films of all time.’ “

The filmmakers have responded to this review in this spoiler-filled interview.

Reviewer’s Note: Major spoilers, although I’m just saving you time…

Featuring special effects work by Sergio Stivaletti (Opera, Demons, Dellamorte Dallamore), Raffaele Picchio’s Morituris was my sole focus of this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, currently ongoing in Montreal, Canada. With an FX master working his magic, I was sure that there would be something redeemable in an otherwise putrid film. Boy was I wrong. Morituris has landed firmly in my mental list of the “worst films of all time.”

Why such hatred you ask? The plot pretty much speaks for itself. The movie opens with a trio of douche bags driving two foreign women to a rave in the middle of the woods. The dudes are super cool ‘cause they do drugs. The ladies are super dumb because they trust these guys (and verbally proclaim so.) After driving for a painful 25 minutes, the group finally takes a break and leaves the car to play some soccer. Good times, good times. After a brief game, the audience is subjected to another pitiful 10 minutes of driving before they arrive at the rave. But wait, there’s no rave because “it’s deep in the woods” and “illegal”. Ok, so these guys “trick” these moronic girls into going into the woods where they proceed to viciously rape and beat them for what feels like hours. It’s an absolutely malicious and chauvinistic viewpoint of a narrow-minded, piece of sh*t writer/director.

Ok, so, you want to just write it off and say, “no way the director hates women, he just wanted to make a brutal movie!” Maybe at the 40 minute point you can make that argument, but what proceeds is such tasteless garbage that the director of Chaos (The Demon!!!) would be jealous.

Taking a break from raping and kicking the women, one of the dudes calls his brother to check in. What’s the brother up to? Oh, he’s dripping acid on a girl’s stomach but of course! She’s tied up and being tortured by the brother, who then proceeds to stick a tube in her vagina and drop a mouse down it. For real. No joke. There’s zero point or social relevance to ANY of this.

Continuing on, we cut back to the girls attempting to escape the wrath of the trio of rapists. They come across a sacred ground that, when crossed, unleashes a slew of demonic knights of sorts. Now, you’d think this would be the point where the female protags turn the tides and regain control, only you’d be wrong. The creatures attack and torture the girls as well! It gets even more bizarre when one of the guys oversteps his evil bounds and works with one of the victims to try and survive. He fails, she fails and the creatures literally CRUCIFY the girl on a cross! Why? Well, because it’s the ultimate shocker (that’s the mind of an incompetent, disgusting, horrid filmmaker).

Morituris might just be the most vile movie since, maybe ever? I’m not a sensitive guy (at all), I don’t get offended, and frankly I wasn’t offended – but Morituris does show viewers what a disgusting piece of trash the filmmaker is. Every single thing that happens comes with such a complete lack in taste. So to the director and the movie: f*ck off.

Negative 100 million out of 5 Skulls.


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