Ninjas vs Vampires (V)

It’s a good thing that the vampire flicks we’re used to don’t have ninjas. Apparently they have a vendetta against the fang sporting subspecies and this movie is a result of that rivalry. Who knew something so intense existed, let alone needed to be portrayed cinematically.

Ninjas vs. Vampires is the follow up flick to Ninjas vs. Zombies, another intense action-filled ride into the ninja clan’s apparent obsession with fighting off horror movie characters. I haven’t watched the original, so I’ll go with what I know- it’s a movie about ninjas chasing zombies.

Moving on.

When Aaron (Jay Saunders) faces rejection from the girl of his dreams (Devon Marie Burt), he’s forced to accept his fate- the role of the eternal best friend. His world is turned upside down, however, when his attempt at romance is disrupted by a blood thirsty group of vampires, who eventually kidnap his potential sweetheart. He joins forces with the ninjas in order to find his lady love and help the ninjas put an end to the bloodsuckers they so deeply despise. Throw in some gore, a steroid-ridden male vampire (Kurt Skarstedt), and some above average action/fight sequences, and that’s the movie in a nutshell. It’s a good old fashioned revenge flick with some off the wall characters and an interesting premise.

The overall problem with the movie is that there is just too much going on. Instead of separating corners and having a good versus evil scenario with a twist, we’re instead thrust into a complicated world that also involves a witch, some sort of portal, and a whole bunch of kung fu. Basically the director took a lot of high budget elements and attempted to throw them into a low budget flick. In a few instances, it works- in fact, the stunt sequences are absolutely brilliant, this director knows his shit when it comes to martial arts and fighting- but then my mindset is completely blown when the film suddenly takes a turn into a random alternate universe (the rooms of white, as I have dubbed them). The performances also aren’t some of the best- while Aaron is definitely the star, and the ninjas are rather comical in their delivery, I certainly wasn’t in love with the bare-chested vampire and his minions- for a bunch of fanged, evil villains, they just weren’t believable. I think my Pug has more bite than they do.

Not bad for a fun filled Sunday afternoon flick. There’s a bit of gore, some intense drama, perfectly sculpted action, and rip roaring comedy, but, like I said, a bigger budget would have added more to this film. Considering it was molded around a shoe string budget, I have to give the director props- he certainly captured an hour of my attention and set himself up perfectly for a third flick. I just hope he gets rid of the guy without his shirt.

Official Score