[BD Review] The Impressively-Crafted ‘Afflicted’ Would Make A Fine Short

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    I find it super interesting to hear others’ opinions on horror films these days. I just finished watching this film not ten minutes ago, and I was completely impressed. Adrenaline was racing thru me, the film snatched more than a handful of legitimate hardcore jump scares out of this seasoned horror vet of 20+ years, and while it wasn’t necessarily the most original film I’ve ever seen – it was more than enough to blow me away. I’ve yet to see another film like it, aside from the only film I can compare it to, being Chronicle. My only complaint are the one or two scenes where the lead’s acting was a bit questionable but that’s about the only negative I had to say. Of course, I am an avid found footage fan – so I’m assuming you in particular are not one to share a similar taste. I prefer the POV aspect, where it places the viewer directly in the firsthand of the horrific situation on screen and therefore is much more of a frightening experience to me, personally. I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end.

  • StevenX

    I enjoyed this. I think Mike was a bit harsh on it, and would agree more with The Wolfman’s earlier review I think. I take Mike’s points about some of the exposition and found footage being a bit tired in general, but those things weren’t so bad that it deserved a 2 skulls rating. The film’s a nice, short, fun and lovingly created horror that a lot of genre fans will like – and extremely well made as Mike pointed out. Some of the SFX work was indeed very impressive. If you’re on the fence about watching this after reading the official review, give it a shot even if just for the impressive effects work.