[Fantastic Fest ’13 Review] ‘The Dirties’ Is an Exciting But Muddled Examination of School Violence

  • coldblood

    I thought the flick was freakin’ awesome!!!!

  • Chaybee1

    Was really looking forward to this film. Unfortunately, it’s a mess. NOTHING HAPPENS!!! And after the 80 mins you have sat through waiting for the inevitable to happen – nothing really happens again! Performances were great so kudos to the actors but the best thing about this film is the closing credits (and I’m not being funny, they are freaking awesome and pretty much sum up what this film is trying to point out.) If only I didn’t have to sit through the whole movie to get to them.

    • Pappy

      I totally agree with you Chaybee1. This film is just leading up to a horrific end sequence, and we don’t get it. Nothing more frustrating in cinema than not getting the payoff. You can’t end the movie before the climax is over. I’m sure the fanboys and the producers (and Kevin Smith) would argue that the film is about showing how Matt goes from a movie nerd to a psychopath, but the build up is pretty blah and then the movie just ends.

      I have learned that if Kevin Smith picks up a movie for distribution (like through Smodcast Pictures of whatever), it’s awful.