[BD Review] ‘The Raid 2’ Is Viscerally Thrilling!

  • doomas10

    Most excellent to hear the praise for Raid 2. I in all honesty, cannot wait to see it. The first one is mindblowing at least. This, one, I am curious simply because it seems that Evans put some really cool characters and crime plot as well. I love the whole Japanese vs Indonesian vs upcoming gangster who maybe a douche thing! Oh common, March is not that far!

    • LiamZH

      This movie wasn’t “jam-packed” with action scenes. It’s a really cool film, but “one of the best action films of all time” is pushing it. Considering the one scene with snow – FYI – IT DOESN’T SNOW IN INDONESIA – and Hammer Girls first fight scene – THERE ARE NO SUBWAYS IN INDONESIA – Gareth Evans is fucking with us all. The Indonesian Consulate were at the screening last night and they were laughing. TSK TSK

  • John Strika

    Why is this on a horror movie site?