5 Skull Review: "Robocop" #1 - Bloody Disgusting!

5 Skull Review: “Robocop” #1


Directly following the events of the original 1987 film, “Robocop” #1 is the kind of book you read with your jaw firmly planted on the floor.  This book is fucking rad, there’s really no other way to say it.  If you’re the kind of twisted son-of-a-bitch that enjoys triple digit body counts, snorting cocaine off your glock, and people getting their faces punched off, then stop reading this review and go get this comic immediately.


WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson ART BY: Carlos Magno PUBLISHER: BOOM! PRICE: $3.99 RELEASE: July 2, 2014 Reviewed by Epic Switzer


Williamson and Magno make it very clear that this is a continuation of the original Robocop, twice referencing events from that film.  They do this so that you know what to expect: ultra-violent, hyper-masculine action porn with an 80s soundtrack.  The book is a hailfire of bullets from beginning to end.  Literally, a number of panels depict an ever increasing number of bullets ripping through the air and landing in a crack-heads temple.  “Robocop #1” delivers.

Williamson does a great job balancing the world for new readers.  Whether you are familiar with the characters or not, this book is easy to pick up and run with.  The scripting is tight and doesn’t betray the quick action on the page.  Williamson doesn’t mince words and he isn’t afraid show bad guys being bad.  The new antagonist fits right in with the tone and tempo of the book and, like any good villain, is already poised to be the most interesting character.

If Carlos Magno was asked to draw an 80s action movie, then he absolutely nailed it.  His panel work is kinetic and exquisite and his characters are rich with expression.  There is a frame in particular that I can’t wait for everyone to see, and If I ever have the pleasure of meeting the man he’s going to have to draw Robocop punching me in the face.

There’s just so much to love here.  The 80s was the greatest decade for iconic characters and Robocop was one of my earliest childhood obsession.  This book is the real deal.  If you just can’t get enough of Robocop taking out the trash, this book is doing him justice.  Buy one for yourself and one for a friend.  They’ll thank you and then everyone will forget about that boring remake.

Epic Switzer AKA Eric is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at ericswitzerfilm@gmail.com


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