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Review: “The Victories” #13

The end is nigh. All the places are set. Everything is in order. Time to destroy everything and enjoy the carnage, twists and glorious mayhem to behold in “The Victories” #13. This is one creator-owned series where nothing is sacred and everything and anything is possible.


WRITTEN BY: Michael Avon Oeming ART BY: Michael Avon Oeming PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics PRICE: $3.99 RELEASE: July 2, 2014 Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady 

The Victories, the champions of this carefully choreographed and ravaged world, are barely still making any difference. Monsters have been unleashed in order to distract them from the behind-the-scenes Advisors true intentions. Mastermind / Creator Michael Avon Oeming has truly been working inspired throughout this series.

To read this issue is to see Oeming’s creativity completely unleashed. The scenes with the monsters are truly engrossing. Everything you would expect to be clichéd is totally new all over again. Secret societies, monsters destroying cities, twisted family trees, betrayals and double-crosses during a crisis. It’s all in here with spectacular and original new looks.

I’m struggling to find another series where so much happens that on the surface feels repetitive. It’s when you look just a little underneath it that you can appreciate how much thought Oeming has put into this creation. It’s not every day creators can literally destroy everything they’ve built up. It’s a daring decision to bring the house down as this terrific series comes to a close. With only two issues until the end, I cringe to see who or what will be left unscathed. I’m guessing not much will be left unanswered. I expect this finale to be a truly memorable one to a truly unprecedented series.

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