Review: "The Last Fall" # 1 - Bloody Disgusting!

Review: “The Last Fall” # 1


Kevin Eastman’s variant cover for “The Last Fall” #1 promises a gritty, action-packed story in a sci fi setting, steeped in the horrors of war. That was probably the intent. Sadly, it is not the execution.




ART BY: Casey Maloney


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: July 16, 2014

Review By: Ooknabah

“The Last Fall” is a five issue mini series that details a war between two planets, Krovin and Merkonia. Urged on by their needing the precious fuel resources of the planet and spurred on by religious justifications, the Krovinites have commenced a war of conquest against the more primitive Merkonians, which has now stretched out years with no seeming end in sight. Sergeant Marcus Fall is our protagonist, a man fighting for revenge after experiencing personal losses yet to be fully explained. And so, we follow Fall as he pushes forward in his quest for vengeance.

The allusions here are not difficult to see, and come across rather heavy handed. (While it is only implied in the issue for instance, solicitations openly state that Fall’s family were murdered in a retaliatory suicide bombing) This sets up a rather humorless and dark tone, with a flat protagonist to boot. Other than his tragedy and rage, over the course of the issue there is little learned about Fall, and less still that isn’t rote cliche. Obviously the intent is to set up the changing of circumstances to come, but there is little to entice readers to continue onwards.

Casey Maloney’s art is unhelpful to that end. His round, cartoonish characters make the battles and wars at large feel like a child’s pantomime with action figures, rather than a life-or-death struggle, let alone a deadly blood feud. While Fell is supposed to be a battle-hardened veteran, he often looks as if he is a fresh-faced teenager. This may be commentary, but seems at odds with the story that is trying to be told. The bright, primary colours by Dusty Yee don’t help either,making the designs look as if they are from a rejected version of the Power Rangers.

Maybe future issues will add additional appear to this title: There are successful moments, like the beautiful skyscapes or the varied and highly cinematic layouts. But on the whole, The Last Fall is boring, cliche and and otherwise a disappointment.

Recommended to avoid.

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