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Double Murder Ep 58: Poltergeist (Original vs. Remake)

Who’s been playing with the lights, moving chairs in the kitchen, and stealing your daughters away to limbo-dimensions? Is this the result of building your home on top of a graveyard? No, it’s just the latest edition of DOUBLE MURDER! This month, Danny! and Tim review the original and remake of POLTERGEIST!

Tune in to see if Tobe Hooper’s (or should we say, Steven Spielberg’s) 1982 original can stand the test of time, or if it’s overshadowed by the 2015 remake, starring Sam Rockwell. Subscribe to DOUBLE MURDER on iTunes or check it out in the web player below. Be sure to follow the DOUBLE MURDER PODCAST page on Facebook, and write us at!




  • boaaa82 .

    It was good but it’ll never beat the classic

  • Firefly15

    The 1982 original is a great horror movie and classic. The remake blew dog turds.

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