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[Blu-ray Review] ‘Red Christmas’ is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Slasher Fans

With the Halloween season behind us — ok for us it’s always Halloween — we’re about to hit the year-end holiday season and that means Christmas is just around the corner. Just because it’s the season to be merry doesn’t mean the horror has to stop. I love Christmas-themed horror films and fortunately we have some classics we can always count on — Black Christmas, Christmas Evil, Silent Night Deadly Night — but I’m always eager to find more to add to my holiday rotation. I’m happy to say Red Christmas is one to place under your tree (And Patrick Cooper agrees).

It’s Christmas in Australia and Diane (Dee Wallace) is thrilled to have her entire family back together for the first time in years. While Diane couldn’t be happier to have the whole family back together it is a bit bittersweet. It’s been years since her husband died and now she’s living in the family home all alone. Tired of being left alone in a big empty house she has sold the house and plans to travel Europe. She makes this announcement to her family and it doesn’t go over too well.

Despite the family not being completely on board with the new news from mom, they manage to enjoy a pretty standard family Christmas together. There’s laughing and crying and fighting and it’s everything you’d expect when large family reunites for the holidays.

Things start to take a turn when a mysterious cloaked figure knocks at the door. This figure speaks in a strange voice that is a bit difficult to understand but with him, he carries a letter that he says is for his mother. We quickly learn that many years prior Diane paid a visit to an abortion clinic that was attacked by pro-lifers. The baby she tried to abort miraculously lived. Diane thinks the person in the clock is a pro-lifer coming to protest at her home, but it doesn’t take long before she realizes this is her aborted child and he’s coming back to get vengeance.

Red Christmas has a completely bonkers plot and I love every second of it. Cletus (Sam Campbell), the name of the aborted child, just wants to be loved by his mother. When he realizes that he’s not going to get that love he has no problem brutally slaying all over his “siblings.” Red Christmas quickly turns into a gory splatter-fest that is reminiscent of many slasher classics.

Color is a key factor in the film’s style. Not only are there gallons of bright red blood that splatter across almost every frame of this flick, but the glow of Christmas lights is used to great effect. The use of vivid reds, pinks, purples, blues, and greens is straight out of the Dario Argento handbook. Even if you don’t care for the film there’s a lot of visual styles to catch your eye.

That being said, not all the visual elements work. There are some strange shots that lack a clear focus. The film attempts to do a number of over the shoulder shots with the audience placed behind a character that is talking and it doesn’t work a lot of the time. It’s a fairly standard shot present in a lot of films but something here just feels off.

One other aspect of Red Christmas I had a tough time wrapping my head around while watching was trying to determine if the film’s writer/director, Craig Anderson, had a specific political message he was trying to convey. Depending on how you view the film it could come off as a bit pro-life in certain scenes. Ultimately I determined that that likely wasn’t the case and the Blu-ray special features confirmed this.

Speaking of special features the Blu-ray has a number of them. There’s a commentary with Anderson and then a few different interviews, the longest of which is 20 minutes and it’s Anderson interviewing Wallace. This interview is a joy to watch and Anderson mentions that some people have felt the film is a bit pro-life, but he and Wallace both agree that wasn’t the intent and if anything it is more pro-choice. Wallace goes on to talk a bit about her career and why she took this role, which is largely because she wanted to see if she still had it. It being the ability to be a kick-ass mom that takes charge and saves her family. She most certainly does have it.

Red Christmas isn’t perfect but it’s damn good. Light up the fireplace, get yourself some hot chocolate and cuddle up with this one.

Red Christmas is now available on Blu-ray from Artsploitation.



  • Saturn

    I’m holding out until December for a double bill of Red Christmas/Better Watch Out – looking forward to it quite a lot actually, although it does seem that the general con-census is that BWO sucks. I shall see.

    • Don’t know where you’re drawing from, but I have seen nothing but praise for Better Watch Out (including here on Bloody Disgusting: People love that film and it’s played really well on the festival circuit

      • Saturn

        A few weeks back there was a thread devoted to The Babysitter, in which several people commented that BWO was vastly inferior, and was basically a P.O.S.,

        Obviously I’m going in with an open mind, so hopefully it will click for me.

        • J Jett

          Saturn, you’re 100% right. i’m one of those who commented on that article you reference that hated BWO (i loved THE BABYSITTER). that being said, i definitely think you should give the film a shot. we all like different things and you may end up liking/loving it! oh and i just watched HAPPY DEATH DAY and i actually liked it a LOT (despite it’s PG-13 rating…it really doesn’t need the gore to be highly enjoyable)! give that one a shot too. i’m surprised at how good HAPPY DEATH DAY was.

          • Saturn

            Yup, I saw HDD at the cinema a few weeks back and had a great time with it – and funnily enough didn’t miss the gore – for that movie it really wasn’t necessary.

          • david

            I wasn’t expecting much from Happy Death Day since it was rated PG-13, but I was really surprised. Of course I probably would’ve enjoyed the movie more if it had more blood and titties, but I still enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I did Better Watch Out, and The Babysitter.

      • J Jett

        Joe, actually no. here on this site tons of people who watched BWO (myself included) either outright hated the whole film or they liked the movie up until the twist and then they hated it. i was excited to see BWO and thought it was going pretty good UNTIL the twist. then it became almost unwatchable.

        • david

          Good point J Jett. I also hated Better Watch Out, but it has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though the movie has gotten pretty good ratings I think that it’s the kind of film that people will either love, or hate.

        • I agree 100 percent! The ending was pretty satisfying though. i hated that kid.

    • art123guy

      I was under the impression that Better Watch Out was a Horror/Comedy and pair it with The Babysitter. It was NOT a good combo. The Babysitter was fun, Better Watch Out wasn’t. It was pretty good, but just not what I was expecting and I think that made me not like it as much. Just my opinion, but if you’re looking for a Horror/Comedy double feature, I don’t think Red Christmas/Better Watch Out is a good pairing.

      • Saturn

        I’m not too concerned about BWO being a horror/comedy, I was just gonna double bill it with RC as they are both sight unseen.
        The Babysitter was a pretty good time – I had a lot of fun with that one, but I reckon when I watch it next it will be as a double-bill with something like Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, which I can’t believe is already SEVEN years old!

      • david

        I think Better Watch Out was trying to be a dark comedy, but I think that they failed miserably.

        • art123guy

          Yep. It was dark, but I didn’t think there was any comedy to be found.

          • david

            I found the movie to be very, very disturbing. I’ve considered giving it a second chance, but I don’t want to waste another hour and 40 minutes of my life watching that crappy movie.

          • art123guy

            I thought it was a little mean spirited. I felt the same way with The Belko Experiment. It looked like a dark comedy, but wasn’t.

      • Happy Death Day + The Babysitter is a better combo

        • art123guy

          YES! Even though Happy Death Day seemed like a teenage girl movie (like The Craft), I thought it was great.

          • david

            I hear you art. I also wasn’t expecting much from Happy Death day, but I was really surprised. It would’ve been much better if it were rated R though.

      • Jeff

        I actually did that same combo one night. Worked out great!

  • purplegnome

    I found red Christmas just dragged on and was just poor and better watch out was alright up till the twist which ruined the film

    • J Jett

      purplegnome, regarding BWO, i agree w/ you 100%.

    • david

      Better Watch Out would’ve been great if the kid were likable. They should’ve just tried to make it Home alone as a rated R horror movie. That would’ve been awesome.

    • david

      Both Red Christmas and Better Watch Out are hot garbage. Don’t spend your hard earned money, or your time watching them.

  • chronozoan

    From Hannibal The Cannibal To Cletus The fetus?

  • tbaio

    Red Christmas was ok. Good FX and Dee Wallace is awesome as ever. When the villain’s face was finally shown, I was laughing my ass off! Went way over the top with that. The villain also moved like a snail but was able to creep through the house like a ninja and became Jason Vorhees at times. Again, not terrible; but no way a memorable movie….not by a long shot.

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