[BEST & WORST '13] Jorge Solis’ List Of The Best Comics Mini-Series Of 2013!

During 2013, readers got a chance to welcome some new additions to their buy list, while saying farewell to a couple of their personal favorites. The DC timeline jumped backwards, sending Batman back to “Year Zero,” while Marvel unleashed Galactus on the Ultimate Universe. When readers went outside the Big Two, there were creators experimenting with their artwork at IDW and Image. Even an iconic actor, known for his memorable movie roles, jumped into comics writing at Dark Horse. By the end of the year, a critically acclaimed horror series finally closed its last chapter.

Usually twelve issues are reserved for mainstream crossovers, like “Battle of the Atom” and “Forever Evil,” but I was totally surprised to see at least three original titles taking that much time and dedication to tell one ambitious and serialized narrative. Here is my Top 10 List for Best Horror Miniseries of 2013. READ MORE


[Interview] Alan Robert Talks 'Crawl To Me' Adaptation And 'The Shunned One'

From IDW Publishing, “The Shunned One” centers on the Angel of Death refusing to take any more innocent lives. This guilt-ridden death angel then begins to make his own judgments on humans based on their sins. In “Crawl To Me,” a young couple discovers there is an evil entity hiding behind the walls of their home. As their torment continues, the two begin to wonder if they have the strength to hold onto their marriage.

I spoke to writer/artist Alan Robert about his latest comic book title and the upcoming “Crawl To Me” movie adaptation. READ MORE


Alan Robert Soars With 'The Shunned One'

With the conclusion of Alan Robert’s zombie comedy “Killogy”, we should have known it was only a matter of time before he announced a new comic project with IDW. The announcement was originally supposed to come at Comic-Con this week, but lucky for you, the beans were spilled early (he will still be holding a panel Friday July 19th at 5pm PST). Alan Robert’s latest venture at IDW sees his take on the Angel of Death who goes off the rails after being ordered to take innocent lives. Alan Robert has been pumping out horror comics non-stop, and if this is anything like his past work, you won’t want to miss it. Check out the promo art below and details on the series. READ MORE


[Interview] Alan Robert On 'Killogy', Tarantino, & Zombie Cops

Every page of the crime/horror comic, Killogy, just roars with tough-guy dialogue, Tarantino-esque storytelling, and eye-popping visuals (we’re currently running a killer contest for it). Locked in a jail cell together, Sally Sno-Cones, Summer Rhoades, and Cole Edwards have no idea what’s really going on outside. They don’t know that the whole world has gone to Hell. In an interesting experiment, writer/artist Alan Robert uses the likeness of Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone, and Brea Grant to portray his anti-heroes.

I spoke with Alan Robert about how the concept for “Killogy” came about, the challenges of doing an experiment like this, and his upcoming projects. READ MORE


[BD Caption Contest] Win Sopranos Site Tour of New York City & T-Shirt From Alan Robert

Alan Robert, and are offering fans a chance to get inside the head of Goodfellas and The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent, in their new caption contest for Robert’s horror/crime/comedy series, “Killogy”. The contest allows you to put the word right into Frank Vincent’s mouth.

The winning wise ass caption will receive two free passes to the Sopranos Site tour in New York City, a $96 value courtesy of the fine folks at, and a Frank Vincent t-shirt (size LG, XL, or XXL) from Alan Robert! See the panel below, and post your wise ass comment in the comments section below. READ MORE


Advance Review: Alan Robert's 'Killogy' #4

Killogy #4 delivers a grand finale that readers will not soon forget. Since the beginning, this thriller delivered on all fronts – crime, black comedy, and grindhouse horror. Even with the star-studded cast of Brea Grant, Frank Vincent and Marky Ramone the plot never takes second fiddle and stands out on its own merit. READ MORE


Review: 'Crawl To Me' Deluxe Limited Edition - Red Label

IDW recently launched IDW Limited, an offshoot company that focuses on printing extremely high quality, limited edition collections of their most popular titles. These collected editions are not only printed on oversized high-grade paper, but they come jam-packed with goodies including original artwork, signatures, previously unseen pages, sketches, scripts, and more. Alan Robert’s Crawl To Me is one such title to receive special treatment from IDW Limited, and this new edition adds even more to an already terrific book. READ MORE


Advance Review: 'Killogy' #3

Delivering a misfit cast of unlikely anti-heroes, Killogy #3 continues rolls with the punches, never letting up on its dark humor and hyper-realistic artwork. With such eye-popping illustrations, this ultraviolent crime/horror thriller promises lots of comedy, drama, and grindhouse horror. This is one of the most original and unique comics you’ll ever lay your eyes on. READ MORE


Alan Robert Killogy Contest: 'What's Frank Vincent Gonna Say Next?!'

Alan Robert and IDW are running a bangin’ contest right now for their oddball horror/crime/comedy series, Killogy. The contest allows you to put some of your own words in Frank Vincent’s. See the panel below, then head over to facebook or twitter to post your wise ass comment. See all the details after the jump! READ MORE


Alan Robert, Tim Seeley, Jim Zub, David Hine, And Matt Hawkins Share Their Favorite Comics Of 2012!

Alright, folks! You’ve read all of our Bloody-disgusting staff picks for favorite comics of 2012, but now you get to hear what your favorite creators have been loving over the past year. Below are the Top 5 of 2012 lists from industry pros, Alan Robert (“Crawl To Me”), Tim Seeley (“Hack/Slash”, “Revival”), Jim Zub (“Skullkickers”), David Hine (“The Darkness”, “Crossed”), And Matt Hawkins (“Think Tank”). READ MORE


Advance Review: Alan Robert's 'Killogy' #2

Killogy #2 continues to show promise with its cast of unapologetic pop-culture icons and hyper-realistic art style. This is a darkly entertaining read, packed with grotesque humor and ultra-violence to make one heck of a crime thriller. READ MORE


IDW Limited Delivers Scares With Hardcover Edition Of Alan Robert’s 'Crawl To Me'

Announced just in time for Halloween, IDW Limited announces the special edition release of Alan Robert’s hit horror comic Crawl to Me. Both the red and black label printings are now available for pre order on the website. Check out all the details below. READ MORE

KILLOGY-726x248 (1)

Advanced Review: Alan Robert's 'Killogy' #1

Alan Robert dives into the world of character mashups with his latest series, Killogy, bringing together an unlikely cast of characters for an unflinching zombie crime tale. Robert strays from the current trend to bring together old literary icons, and instead ventures into modernity to deliver one of the most absurd ensemble casts imaginable. “Killogy” teams Marky Ramone, Frank Vincent (The Sopranos), and Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter) for a throwback horror story that’s more about character development than it is about zombies. Issue #1 is a solid introduction to the misfit cast and it offers a promising start to what looks like another hit horror series from Alan Robert and IDW. READ MORE

KILLOGY-726x248 (1)

Animated Trailer For Alan Robert's 'Killogy'

Alan Robert’s latest horror comic, Killogy, is set for release on October 31st from IDW Publishing. The miniseries follows the wacky celebrity cast of Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone, and Brea Grant, who find themselves in the midst of a zombie invasion. “Killogy” is a surreal throwback horror comedy, paying tribute to classic 80s films by the likes of Re-Animator and Return of the Living Dead, while mixing in elements of crime fiction. As a promo for the series, Robert has just released an animated trailer for issue #1 that features loads of gore and floating zombie heads. Check it below! READ MORE

KILLOGY-726x248 (1)

Preview: Alan Robert's 'Killogy'

What happens when you toss a Soprano, a Ramone, and a starlet into the same prison cell? According to Alan Robert (“Crawl to Me”), you get a dark comedy zombie apocalypse. Robert has successfully made the transition from world class rock star to world class comic creator over the past few years and his latest creation is the absolutely insane.

Killogy stars the unlikely cast of Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Sopranos), Marky Ramone (formerly of The Ramones) and Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter) who find themselves together in the midst of an undead war. Robert takes on writing and art duties for the series, which is set for release in time for Halloween. Below you can check out the preview from IDW. READ MORE


Exclusive: Read ‘Crawl To Me’ #1 For FREE

Crawl To Me is an incredibly dark, utterly terrifying, and shockingly real horror story that critics and fans alike have been raving about for the past year. Written and illustrated by Alan Robert, bassist for Life of Agony, this is a book that showcases just how scary horror comics can be. Robert is quickly making a name for himself as a premiere storyteller in the comics industry, and “Crawl To Me” is beautiful display of his command over the medium.

The book follows the story of a Ryan and his struggling family as they move into a new home. However, not all is as it seems as Ryan soon discovers he’s got a deeply perverted neighbor, and his basement his home to a strange crawl space that breeds evil, terror, and insanity. This is a brilliant story that will stay in your mind long after you flipped the final page, and with a film adaptation in the works, you don’t want to miss it. Thanks to the fine folks at IDW, and Alan Robert, you can now read the first issue absolutely free! READ MORE


Alan Robert Announces 'Killogy' From IDW

Since Alan Robert put his music career with “Life of Agony” on the back burner, he’s hit the gas on his comic career and exploded onto the scene. His brilliant horror mini-series “Crawl To Me” (which we recently announced is getting a film adaptation) was a huge hit last year, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the announcement of his next project. The wait is over!

Robert and IDW have pulled back the floor boards to reveal that he’s been working on Killogy, a new comic series that features characters based actor Frank Vincent (The Sopranos), punk-rock legend Marky Ramone (The Ramones), and starlet Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter). IDW describes Killogy as, “an off-the-wall, genre-busting mash-up of crime, dark comedy and horror”. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one, as Robert’s consistently delivers the goods time and time again. READ MORE

Exclusive Sneak Peak At Hardcover Edition Of 'Crawl To Me'

This past year, Alan Robert delivered one of the most highly acclaimed horror stories of the year, Crawl To Me, and it’s about to be released as a limited edition hardcover just in time for San Diego Comic Con. Crawl to Me: Evil Edgar Edition will be filled with all sorts of extra goodies for you all to drool over, including excerpts from the original script, character sketches, and a gallery of additional artwork from Menton3, David Lupton, and Alan Robert. Crawl To Me is a beautifully haunting story, that will send serious shivers down your spine in the way that it depicts real world horrors. BD has an exclusive look at the extra content from the hardcover edition that you can check out after the break along with some extra details on the book and the film adaptation. Read on for the skinny…

 Exclusive Sneak Peak At Hardcover Edition Of Crawl To Me READ MORE

'Saw' Cinematographer To Direct Robert's 'Crawl To Me'

It’s been in the works for a while, and we are thrilled to announce that Alan Robert’s Crawl To Me is being adapted to the big screen! Crawl To Me is one of the best horror mini-series of the past year with it’s brilliant artwork, engrossing story, and jaw-dropping ending. Variety announced today that David A. Armstrong, cinematographer for the Saw franchise, is to direct a live-action adaptation of Robert’s series. Check our our review. More details from Variety after the jump.

 Saw Cinematographer To Direct Roberts Crawl To Me

Interview: Alan Robert On Crawl To Me

Alan Robert is a busy, busy man, balancing his comic work, his rock band, his film production company, and on top of it all, he’s a family man. When Robert’s band Life of Agony isn’t touring with bands like Ozzy, Korn, and Anthrax, he somehow manages to find the time to write and illustrate some of the most incredible horror comics around. Robert’s latest creation, Crawl to Me, is an honest-to-god horrifying tale that brings to light the true horrors that exist in our world. Seriously, this is one beautiful book with a concluding chapter that will shock you to the core. Luckily, Alan was able to make some time for BD in his hectic schedule to chat about Crawl to Me and his big plans for the coming year. Read on for the skinny…

 Interview: Alan Robert On Crawl To Me

Alan Robert Leaves Us Breathless With All New Look Inside 'Crawl To Me'!

Even if the review for Alan Robert’s “CRAWL TO ME” are mixed, it is hard to deny that the artist/scribe’s unique visual style is not one of the most eye-pleasing works currently in the genre. While not a perfect story by any means, “CRAWL TO ME” has not failed to deliver a pretty damned entertaining read with its first two issues, and if you make the jump you can check out your first look inside the series’ third ish before it hits stands tomorrow from IDW. Read on for the skinny…

 Alan Robert Leaves Us Breathless With All New Look Inside Crawl To Me! READ MORE

The Third Issue Of Alan Robert's Newest Monthly From IDW Will Make Your Skin 'Crawl'

If you are enamored by shiny things then you probably don’t want to make the jump on this one, kiddos. Maybe it is the “Liquid” style colors or the flashy gore, but Alan Robert has knack for making very pretty blood n’ guts. Exhibit A – the following 8 page look inside the second issue of “CRAWL TO ME”. Read on for the skinny…

 The Third Issue Of Alan Roberts Newest Monthly From IDW Will Make Your Skin Crawl The Third Issue Of Alan Roberts Newest Monthly From IDW Will Make Your Skin Crawl READ MORE

'Wire Hangers' Author Returns With 'Crawl To Me' This July!

Last year IDW Publishing teamed-up with “LIFE OF AGONY” frontman Alan Robert to bring horror fans “WIRE HANGERS — an original horror mini-series created, written, and illustrated by the rocker turned author. Now the publisher is hoping to strike horror gold once again as they gear-up for yet another original series from Robert with, “CRAWL TO ME”. Inside you can get a look at the official press release, and most importantly a 7 page preview of the series’ first issue. Read on for the skinny…

 Wire Hangers Author Returns With Crawl To Me This July! READ MORE

A Super Violent 5 Page Preview Of 'Life Of Agony' Frontman's Newest Issue Of 'Wire Hangers'!

Alan Roberts and the folks over at IDW Publishing have really delivered fans a nice little treat in the form of “WIRE HANGERS” over the course of the past couple of months. The series doesn’t offer a whole lot in the form of originality, but if you are looking for a fun horror romp that delivers some blood, gore, ultra violence, and plenty of character intrigue then you’ll definitely want to check out this 5 page preview of the series’ fourth issue due out this Wednesday. Read on for the skinny.

 A Super Violent 5 Page Preview Of Life Of Agony Frontmans Newest Issue Of Wire Hangers! A Super Violent 5 Page Preview Of Life Of Agony Frontmans Newest Issue Of Wire Hangers! READ MORE