Interview: Ben Templesmith Talks 44FLOOD

If you read horror comics, you know the name Ben Templesmith. Over the past decade Templesmith has solidified his spot as one of the top horror artists in the game. After a brief two year hiatus, he returned to the comics industry this past year with renewed appetite and vision.

Recently, Ben Templesmith co-founded a company called 44FLOOD alongside Menton3, Kasra Ghanbari, and Nick Idell as a way to offer unique comic/art fusion books. Their first project, an annual anthology series called “TOME”, was launched through Kickstarter, reaching it’s goal of $18,400 in only a few hours. Over the past week, 44FLOOD has been teasing a new project called “LUST” through their facebook page that will reunite Ben Templesmith and Steve Niles (more details coming tomorrow). Templesmith sat down with Bloody-disgusting at Montreal Comiccon to discuss his return to the industry, his excitement for the future of 44FLOOD, his views on art, and plenty more. READ MORE


[Feature] Montreal Comiccon 2012

The 2012 edition of Montreal Comiccon brought together Trekkies, gamers, cosplayers, and comic fans for the shows 4th annual edition of the show. The con has grown immensely over the past few years, solidifying its spot as one of the largest in Canada. This year, Montreal Comiccon took place in the area known as Old Montreal, situated right by the waterfront, surrounded by aged cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture. Watching Captain America strutting into the distance down a patch of cobblestone bricks is a sight you can only see at Montreal Comiccon.

Unlike the bigger Cons that feature various announcements from publishers and film production houses, the panels at Montreal Comic Con are catered toward the die-hard fans, rather than members of the press. With tons of Q & A sessions, breaking into comics panels, Star Wars droid building sessions, and lots of horror film screenings, there’s really something for everyone.

The main attracting of the 2012 edition was the slew of Stark Trek stars. Fans waited in line for hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for photo opportunities with one of two Captains of the Starship Enterprise, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Other special guests this year included were the ever-popular Mike Mignola, Ben Templesmith, Jim Starlin, Darwyn Cooke, Malcom McDowell, Wil Wheaton, James Marsters, Tom Savini, and many more. Check it all out after the jump. READ MORE

The 'Gentleman Corpse' Returns To Shelves This Summer With 'Bingo Night In Valhalla'!

On top of being one of the most hotly demanded illustrators in the industry, artist/writer Ben Templesmith (“30 DAYS OF NIGHT”, “CHOKER”) has been hard at work on the next installment in his creator owned property, “WORMWOOD GENTLEMAN CORPSE”, which features not only the signature artwork that has made the creator famous, but a series that is also completely written by the man himself. Today the first news on the all new mini-series (“BINGO NIGHT IN VALHALLA”) broke, and below you can feast your eyes on the cover art for the first ish as well as the full synopsis.

 The Gentleman Corpse Returns To Shelves This Summer With Bingo Night In Valhalla!


“Ben Templesmith returns to the world of Wormwood with the undead detectives idea of a “vacation.” Which naturally entails Nordic gods, nursing homes, Valkyrie property developers, and a surly unicorn, too!”

“WORMWOOD GENTLEMAN CORPSE: BINGO NIGHT IN VALHALLA” Issue #1 (Of 4) Drops This July From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)

C2E2 2011 Day 3: INTERVIEW - Ben Templesmith Talks 'Wormwood', 'Choker', And More!

As we made the mad dash to end our coverage of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, we were fortunate enough to sit down and talk briefly with Ben Templesmith (“30 DAYS OF NIGHT”, “WORMWOOD”, “CHOKER”) at his booth on the convention floor about putting the finishing touches on “CHOKER”, contributing artwork to “BLEEDOUT” for Archaia, the future of “WORMWOOD”, and more. Inside you can check out the interview and get all the details straight from the man himself. Read on for the skinny!

 C2E2 2011 Day 3: INTERVIEW   Ben Templesmith Talks Wormwood, Choker, And More! C2E2 2011 Day 3: INTERVIEW   Ben Templesmith Talks Wormwood, Choker, And More! READ MORE

C2E2 Day 3: Interview With 'Bleedout' Scribe Mike Kennedy

As publisher Archaia continues to push the envelope and bring comic book fans everywhere some of the newest and most original voices in the genres of horror and sci-fi, they also seem to be bringing readers some of the most promising stories as well. Case in point – Mike Kennedy, creator and author of the upcoming hardcover graphic novel, “BLEEDOUT”. The collaborative effort matches Mike up with some of the genres best and brightest illustrators, such as Howard Chaykin, Ben Templesmith, and Glenn Fabry, just to name a few. Mike was kind enough to take the time to sit down and chat with myself and Johnny_Trouble over the weekend at C2E2, and inside you can see the interview in its entirety. Read on for the skinny!

 C2E2 Day 3: Interview With Bleedout Scribe Mike Kennedy
READ MORE's Graphic Content: C2E2 2011 Live Weekend Coverage!

It is that time of year again. When the best of the best in the comic book industry descend upon the metropolitan Chicago area for the largest comic book convention in the Midwest. That’s right, we are talking about the second annual Comic and Entertainment Expo known as C2E2! This year the Graphic Content crew will be broadcasting LIVE from the convention floor, bringing you the latest breaking news, panel coverage, and video interviews with some of the leading names in the industry such as Tim Seeley (“HACK/SLASH”), Scott Snyder (“AMERICAN VAMPIRE”), Ben Templesmith (“CHOKER”, “30 DAYS OF NIGHT”), Cullen Bunn (“THE DAMNED”, “THE SIXTH GUN”), and many, many more! Myself, interview contributor Johnny_Trouble, and photo journalist JerryBaker will be braving the hordes of crazed fans, exhibitors, and cosplayers to bring you all of your comic and genre needs. On top of our nonstop coverage here on the Graphic Content main page, you can keep up with our LIVE Twitter updates all weekend long beginning tomorrow at 10 AM CDT! (Links provided below) Be sure to keep it locked here at BD and Twitter for all the insanity, and if we make it back alive Monday morning, you just might get some bonuses.

THEoDEAD On Twitter
Johnny_Trouble On Twitter

 Bloody Disgusting.coms Graphic Content: C2E2 2011 Live Weekend Coverage!
 Bloody Disgusting.coms Graphic Content: C2E2 2011 Live Weekend Coverage! READ MORE

McCool And Templesmith Say Goodbye To 'Choker' With Issue #5

It is sad to see Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith’s thoroughly entertaining noir piece “CHOKER” end tomorrow as the 5th issue in the five part miniseries is set to drop, but what more could fans have asked for from the duo’s near masterpiece? If you missed out on “CHOKER” then we feel nothing but pity for you all, and for those who have stuck it out with the series throughout its run you can check out one final 5 page preview. Read on for the skinny!

 McCool And Templesmith Say Goodbye To Choker With Issue #5 READ MORE

Everything Is Revealed This Month In 'Choker' Issue #4 And We Have The Preview!

The creative duo of Ben Templesmith (“30 DAYS OF NIGHT”) and Ben McCool have done readers a HUGE service in delivering their horror laden mini-series epic titled ‘CHOKER’ this year in partnership with publisher Image. The series is on the fast track towards what will undoubtedly be a thrilling climax, and the road to the end began yesterday with issue #4. Beyond the break you can check out an epic 9 page preview of the issue just in case you’re one of those who haven’t discovered this little gem yet. Read on for the skinny!

 Everything Is Revealed This Month In Choker Issue #4 And We Have The Preview! READ MORE

MAY SPOTLIGHT: Halo-8 PLUS An Interview With Founder Matt Pizzolo!

So last month we brought you a month’s worth of exclusive content from up and coming Indy publisher, Hardway Studios, and that was a lot of fun, so we decided to do it all over again this month. Only this time we went a step further and teamed up with someone that I have been getting all kinds of questions about, none other then the crazy people that brought you “GODKILLER”, Halo-8! All month long we will be bringing readers exclusive content from the ‘illustrated’ film makers in anticipation of the release of “GODKILLER” itself later this month! But of course we will also be covering their other projects such as “THE LONG KNIVES”, “LOADED BIBLE”, “MEDUSA YEAR ONE”, and more. So what are you waiting for?! Make the jump for my FULL interview with Halo-8 founder Matt Pizzolo as we speak at length about all of the upcoming projects from the company, how he got started, and more! I will warn you though, you might want to make sure that you don’t have anywhere that you need to be for awhile. Read on for the skinny!

 MAY SPOTLIGHT: Halo 8 PLUS An Interview With Founder Matt Pizzolo! READ MORE

'Wormwood' Scribe Ben Templesmith Reveals Details On Halo-8 Project, 'Black Sky'!

Things just keep getting better and better in the world of Halo-8, and this past weekend at C2E2 the company revealed details on some of its future releases that will follow the release of the highly anticipated “GODKILLER”. One of these films will be written and illustrated exclusively for the company by none other than “30 DAYS OF NIGHT” illustrator and “WORMWOOD” scribe Ben Templesmith! Inside you can get all the details on the announcement straight from the man himself. Read on for the skinny.

 Wormwood Scribe Ben Templesmith Reveals Details On Halo 8 Project, Black Sky! READ MORE

BREAKING: Tim Seeley And Ben Templesmith Join Halo 8 Panel At C2E2! 'GodKiller' Teaser Hits The Net!

It is looking more and more like next weekend’s C2E2 convention is going to be a huge day for horror fans. Yesterday we brought you the news of the planned “THE LONG KNIVES” illustrated film from production company Halo 8, and today we have gotten word that they will be working with fan favorites Tim Seeley (“HACK/SLASH”, “LOADED BIBLE”) and Ben Templesmith (“30 DAYS OF NIGHT”, “CHOKER”)! Read on for all the news PLUS get a special look at the teaser trailer for the full length feature of “GODKILLER” that will also be premiering at the convention (Starring Genre Vets Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, and Lance Henriksen!) Read on for the skinny.

 BREAKING: Tim Seeley And Ben Templesmith Join Halo 8 Panel At C2E2! GodKiller Teaser Hits The Net! BREAKING: Tim Seeley And Ben Templesmith Join Halo 8 Panel At C2E2! GodKiller Teaser Hits The Net! READ MORE

Review: 'Choker' Issue #1

If there is one thing to be said about Ben Templesmith (’30 Days of Night’) it’s that he knows how to pick projects. He is one of the most sought after names in the business right now so it is interesting that he is so picky about what he puts his name on, and doesn’t do like many have and just take on 15 separate projects at once so he can cash in on his own success. So this is why it never goes unnoticed when Ben decides to fully illustrate an entire series like he has chosen to do with Ben McCool’s ‘CHOKER’. However, if the first issue is any sort of indicator of what we are to expect from the series, then it might just be the writing that makes this one stand out. Read on for the review.

 Review: Choker Issue #1 READ MORE

Comic-Con Dead Space Extraction Comic Further Info

Fresh off the crowded floors of Comic-con comes more concrete info for the one-shot story of Dead Space Extraction which is based on the upcoming Wii game. I liked the original comic series more than I did the games so I hope it keeps that degree of quality. Expansive info after the break…
 Comic Con Dead Space Extraction Comic Further Info

Dead Space Returns! Dead Space Extraction Comic Out in September

When I say comic adaptation of a video game series, a Pavlovian response in most readers is to cringe and/or vomit. One of the few adaptations not to do that was last years’ Dead Space comics(which is currently in paperback.) Well the team that brought you that is back to go back to the hell filled with necromorphs with Dead Space: Extraction out September 9. This should be pretty fun but I am sad it’s only a one shot…synopsis after the break.
 Dead Space Returns!  Dead Space Extraction Comic Out in September READ MORE

Ben Templesmith Talks Horror 101

Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse) did a guest stint on MTV’s Splash Page. He discusses what makes a horror comic in his own charming way, and the process of comic making. Click Here to check out the blog. Also make sure to check out his baby eating filled Twitter Feed …man is a genius.
 Ben Templesmith Talks Horror 101 READ MORE

Preview Pictures from Ben Templesmith's Dracula

Ben Templesmith released some more images of his Dracula reworking off his blog. These three images are getting me excited for the upcoming 27 all new color images to go along with the story. Hit the jump to see the other two…
 Preview Pictures from Ben Templesmiths Dracula READ MORE

Templesmith's 'Welcome to Hoxford' to be a movie?

Graphic Content just found out from Variety, that the movie rights to Ben Templesmith’s Welcome to Hoxford comic has been bought by 1492. These seems like a odd choice to buy film rights too, but I’m very confident that it can be an amazing movie in the right hands. The story is about a psychiatrist and a patient trying to escape an institution run by werewolves, no stupid love stories or super heroes in this comic. The comic version of Welcome to Hoxford is available now. More info about the buy after the break.
 Templesmiths Welcome to Hoxford to be a movie? READ MORE

First Look at Doctor Who's Whispering Gallery Covers

A while back on the Dead Pixels Podcast, I had an interview with writer and artist Ben Templesmith about Dead Space. I randomly asked him a question about Doctor Who, since I am a huge fan. He then stated that he was working on an actual Doctor Who comic and it’s even more horror based. The comic that he was talking about is coming at the end of next month and it’s called ‘The Whispering Gallery.” I am very excited about this and Ben has recently showed the three covers to the issue. Hit the break for more information and the three covers…
 First Look at Doctor Whos Whispering Gallery Covers READ MORE

Wormwood Down the Pub - One Shot coming December 31

Comic’s favorite vagabond, Ben Templesmith, is bringing a special Wormwood one-shot comic right before the end of the year.
 Wormwood Down the Pub   One Shot coming December 31
This is a set of 2 little-known stories and one all new one for the gentleman corpse….more info after the break READ MORE