BioShock 2's Online Multiplayer Is Glitching Its Way Onto My Shelf

If you read mine and Adam’s CO-OP REVIEW, you’ll already know I love BioShock 2. And I also love the multiplayer. However, in my quest for 1000 Achievement Points in BioShock 2 I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the multiplayer.

16 BioShock 2s Online Multiplayer Is Glitching Its Way Onto My Shelf

I don’t have a problem with the multiplayer itself, but with the insane glitching. I’m constantly ending up in games that are lagging terribly. Even worse, the game will freeze mid game, or even right before a games end. READ MORE

Dear 2K, This Is What We Want In BioShock 3

Now, this is usually where I take ailing franchises Silent Hill or ones that have lost their way (like Resident Evil) and try and figure out how they can be brought back to their former glory. With that said, this one was quite a bit tougher to analyze since there really isn’t anything blatantly wrong with the BioShock series. Sure, the sequel didn’t capture our hearts and imaginations in the same way that the original did, but that can mostly be blamed on the fact that it was our second dive into the crumbling city of Rapture.

2KBioShock3Banner Dear 2K, This Is What We Want In BioShock 3

So how can the third game make the same gigantic splash that the original did? Who should you play as, and where should it take place? Should it be another sequel, or perhaps a prequel, to give us a taste of what Rapture was like before the fall. Read on to find out what I think the answers to these questions should be, and more, after the jump. READ MORE

BioShock 2 DLC Coming Very Soon

So, if I can pry my face off my tv screen after my 48 straight hours of playing Final Fantasy XIII coming up next week I’ll be buying the 1st BioShock 2 DLC. Known as the “Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack” this pack will be loaded with multiplayer goodness. It’s going to cost 400 space bucks (Microsoft Points), and $4.99 on the Playstation 3. I seriously wish Microsoft would start actually just charging normal money like Playstation does, seriously are we still using monopoly money?

17 BioShock 2 DLC Coming Very Soon

March 11th is the date, and in the upcoming weeks there will be an announcement for more multiplayer DLC in addition to single play extending downloadable content. Past the break for screens and DLC features. READ MORE

BioShock 2 DLC Announced

Well, BioShock 2 is out, it’s awesome, and even better there is some DLC on the way. It was announced that there will be DLC for the single and multiplayer. Coming in March will be the Sinclair Solutions Test Pack, head past the break to find out what that consists of. You’ll be able to get it for only $5.00.

14 BioShock 2 DLC Announced

Over the next few months they plan on releasing a few packs for the multiplayer, and an expansion for the single player. Past the break for screens and info… READ MORE

Co-op Interview: Dante's Inferno And BioShock 2 Composer Garry Schyman!

Adam and I got a chance to interview Garry Schyman the composer behind the amazing music for Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2. Garry has also done such games as BioShock 1 (which he won several awards for), Destroy All Humans and Voyeur, among others, t.v. shows and films.

DIScorePic Co op Interview: Dantes Inferno And BioShock 2 Composer Garry Schyman!

Head past the break to check out the interview! READ MORE