Review: 'Sons of Anarchy' #1

Comic book adaptations of licensed properties are never an easy task to execute. There have been many failed attempts to take characters from film and television and adapt them into comic books, but BOOM! Studios have a proven track record of successfully adapted of licensed properties like “Adventure Time” and “Planet of the Apes” into comic book series. Now the publisher is taking a shot at adapting the FX TV series “Sons of Anarchy” and hoping that they can have similar success. READ MORE


BOOM! Sends A Dinosaur To Space?

BOOM! Studios just sent out a visual press release for a new series coming from creative team behind the “Adventure Time” comic book series. The photo shows a dinosaur in what Kubrickesque space-suit (see below). The image file was labeled as “NewATOriginal”. I believe this is an original series, but if it’s a relaunch or adaptation, it’s outside of my comic book/cartoon knowledge. READ MORE


BOOM! Studios Reveals New Imprint, BOOM! Box

Remember when cassette tapes ruled your world? How long has it been since you heard the term boom box? BOOM! Studios is bringing it back in some shape or another with a new comic imprint titled “BOOM! Box”. As of right now, we’ve only got the teaser image that harkens back to grade school days. I would guess an all-ages imprint, but they already have that with KABOOM! Expect more details soon. READ MORE


Boom! Studios Puts Out A 'Hit' In September

Pulp stories are the big trend in comics right now and BOOM! Studios is getting on the wagon, delivering a dark crime drama this September from upcoming writer Bryce Carlson and artists Vanesa R. Del Rey. “Hit” sees a group of LAPD detectives in the 1950s who become sanctioned killers in order to take out the cities most dangerous and deranged criminals. Based on somewhat true events, this should be one of the darker crime stories to come out this year. READ MORE


'Thrilling Adventure Hour' Already Sold Out On Distribution Level

Archaia Entertainment, now an imprint of BOOM! Studios, released a genre-based graphic novel anthology, “Thrilling Adventure Hour”, today, and it’s already sold out on distribution level. The graphic novel, which rings in at just under $20, collects original stories based on segments from the popular stage show and pod cast of the same name. Check it all out below and snag a copy from your LCS, if you can. READ MORE


Review: Clive Barker's 'Next Testament' #3

In its third installment, “Next Testament” #3 delivers the roller-coaster ride that horror fans have been waiting for. Each page has been glued in with such sheer intensity and a crazy amount of eye-popping gore. Readers should be prepared to have their mind blown away by the “Next Testament” series. READ MORE


[Interview] Mark Miller Talks Working With Clive Barker On 'Next Testament' And 'Hellraiser'

Julian Demond, an eccentric billionaire, discovered something buried in the scorching desert wasteland. After being imprisoned for two thousand years, the God of Colors has awakened in the present day and he is not happy at all. When Wick, the Father from the Old Testament, makes a sudden visit to modern civilization, Julian unexpectedly sets up a collision course with his son, Tristan. From Boom! Studios, the “Next Testament” series explores biblical horror like you have never seen before.

I spoke with Mark Miller, co writer of the “Next Testament” and “Hellraiser” series, about his collaboration with horror maestro Clive Barker, how the concept came about, and his upcoming projects. READ MORE


BOOM! Announces Details On 'Sons Of Anarchy' Comic Series

BOOM! Studios announced their plans to kick of a comic book series based on the hit FX TV series “Sons of Anarchy”.The series will be written by Christopher Golden and illustrated by Damian Couceiro.The series follows a crew of gun-smuggling biker and their complex relationships. BOOM! just released all the official details on the book that you can check out below.

The first issue is set to drop on September 11, 2013. READ MORE


Review: Clive Barker's 'Next Testament' #2

An exciting second chapter, “Next Testament” #2 pushes its story forward in unexpected ways. With an interesting premise at work, horror fans should not hesitate in buying this comic. Not missing a beat, the “Next Testament” series continues to blow your mind. READ MORE


BOOM! Studios Bundles Up For Comic-Con International 2013

BOOM! Studios has big plans to get you geared up with their new comics at Comic-Con International this year. BOOM! is offering up the chance for con-goers to pre-order exclusive packages for the event to ensure that you get the issues you’re looking for. These packages are only available for purchase via the web store, and must be picked up at the BOOM! Studios booth in San Diego. I’m betting most of you will go with option #2 below. READ MORE


[Interview] Mike Carey Straps On His Flak Jacket For 'Suicide Risk'

Comics fans have been looking to fill the void left when Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s landmark run on “Gotham Central” ended. This was superhero realism done right and specialized in the sort of down-to-Earth police stories that comics were missing in comics at the time. Now, writer Mike Carey and artist Elena Casagrande have stepped up to fill their void with “Suicide Risk”, their new ongoing series from BOOM! Studios.

“Suicide Risk” follows Leo Winters, a beat cop struggling to clean up the streets in a world overrun with superhumans. Winters puts his own life on the line when he decides he’s got to take a different approach to solve the problem and gets activated with superpowers.

Bloody-Disgusting suited up in a flak jacket with writer Mike Carey to patrol the mean streets of BOOM! Studios “Suicide Risk” and get the inside scoop on this brilliant new series. READ MORE

suicide risk_#3-page 06 copy

First Look: Mike Carey's 'Suicide Risk' #3

Mike Carey (“The Unwritten”) and artist Elena Casagrande bring you into a world where super villains run wild with “Suicide Risk”. beat cop Leo Winters decides he’s had enough and launches a full-fledged investigation into the world of the super villains. Without any super heroes to back him up, all odds are stacked against Leo.

Issue #3 hits shops in July from Boom! Studios and we’ve got your first look at Elena Casagrande’s artwork below. READ MORE


Boom! Studios Acquires Archaia Entertainment

It’s no secret that Archaia has been struggling over the past few years as an indie comics publisher. Just announced, Boom! Studios has just made a deal to acquire Archaia Entertainment, which will now become an imprint of Boom! The acquisition now puts the publisher only behind Marvel and DC in terms of the size of their catalog of intellectual property.

You can expect big plans from Boom! Studios to be announced shortly, including the reprinting of classic Archaia stories in new collections. As of right now, it seems no changes are being made to management, but that’s subject to change. Check out the full press release below with statements from Archaia President and Chief Operating Officer Jack Cummins. READ MORE


'Day Men' Fighter Of The Night Men

Boom! Studios has just announced a new vampire comic from Matt Gagnon and co-writer Michael Alan Nelson, with art from Brian Stelfreeze. Every vampire story that comes out promises a new take on the genre, and while that’s not always the case, “Day Men” sounds like it may deliver on the promise. The series a group of humans who act as a daytime fixer and protector for the vampires as they sleep during the day. The Day Men move out at sunrise to do the bidding of the undead night walkers. I’m going to bet nobody told them about the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia musical episode, but the similarities are scary (video below). READ MORE


Review: 'Hellraiser: The Dark Watch' #5

Avoiding formula, “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch” #5 takes a different approach that rejuvenates the long-standing mythology. Through fresh writing, Clive Barker’s reboot of the “Hellraiser” franchise is making its own stamp in the comic book medium. Readers end up with a thrill ride that will not disappoint. READ MORE


[Exclusive] Preview: 'Hellraiser: The Dark Watch' #5

Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert continue their work on “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch” next week with issue #5 hitting the shops. There’s not much we can say about this series that we haven’t already. It’s a solid entry into the “Hellraiser” franchise that is worthy of any horror fan’s time. If you’ve been disappointed with the numerous sequels (after the third film), this might just be the “Hellraiser” you’re looking for. Plus, Harry D’Amour is in it, which kicks ass. READ MORE


'Sons Of Anarchy' Rides To Boom Studios!

Boom! Studios has just sent out a visual press release announcing that they will be launching a new “Sons of Anarchy” comic book series this September. The series is based on the hit TV show that airs on FX. Whether it is a straight adaptation or a new storyline is yet to be announced. We also have no idea who the creative team behind the project is. READ MORE


[Exclusive] Cover Reveal For 'Hellraiser: The Dark Watch' #8

Bloody-disgusting is raising a little hell once again thanks to Boom! Studios. We’ve got the exclusive reveal of Lorena Carvalho’s cover art and solicitation details for Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert’s “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch” #8. And in case you missed it all those months back, you can check out where it all began by reading the first issue of Boom! Studios’ “Hellraiser” for free. READ MORE


'Damned' Gritty Crime Action From Boom Studios

This July, Boom! Studios is going to be re-printing Steven Grant and Mike Zeck original series, “Damned”. Continuing with the trend of bringing pulpy action back to comics, the story follows Mick Thorne who is released from prison. His new mission is to deliver a message to his dead cellmate’s sister. As you can imagine, this brings on the attention of some seedy crime families, and before you know it Mick is in way over his head. The book is slated for release on July 31st, 2013. READ MORE


Review: Clive Barker's 'Next Testament' #1

A combination of dark fantasy and horror, Next Testament #1 will sneak inside your head and get your heart racing. Smart, edgy, and frightening – this is exactly what you expect to come from the mind of Clive Barker, one of the greatest horror storytellers of our time (kudos also goes to his writing partner Mark Miller). Definitely get your hands on “Next Testament” because this comic is going to be epic. READ MORE


[Exclusive] Read ‘Fanboys Vs. Zombies’ #1 For FREE & Chat With Series Writer Shane Houghton!

Fanboys Vs. Zombies has been consistently been filled with hilarious, action-packed zombie killing month after month. Writer Shane Houghton and artist Jerry Gaylord found a clever way to explore geek culture inside the confines of the zombie apocalypse. ‘Fanboys Vs. Zombies’ is a lighthearted gore-fest that will delight horror lovers who can appreciate the dark comedic sensibilities of films like Army of Darkness, where the hero can throw a punch, tell a joke, and kiss the girl all in the same scene.

Digital comics distributor ComiXology has a giant sale on ‘Fanboys Vs. Zombies’ this weekend, with every issue of the series available for 0.99 cents. To celebrate the sale, BOOM Studios gave Bloody-Disgusting readers an exclusive free digital copy issue #1 as a gateway drug into the series.

Writer Shane Houghton caught up with Bloody-Disgusting to talk about where the book is headed, and why horror hounds should give this series a chance. Check out the interview with Shane and then read issue #1 for free after the jump. READ MORE


[Exclusive] 'Hellraiser: The Dark Watch' #7 Cover Reveal

Boom! Studios continues to push Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert’s Hellraiser: The Dark Watch with another wicked cover reveal. We’ve spoken at length about this series since the beginning and it really is a great read if you’ve immersed in the Hellraiser universe since day one. It has Clive Barker’s seal of approval, what more could you ask for? Hit the jump for an exclusive look at “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch” #7. READ MORE


Frank Miller Brings 'RoboCop' Back To Comics At Boom Studios!!

Hell. Yes. While Frank Miller has made some more than questionable statements in recent years, you’d have to be insane to not want more RoboCop. Boom! Studios just sent out a visual press release, which affirms Miller is back on board with “RoboCop” alongside Steven Grant, Korkut Öztekin, and Declan Shalvey. No details are available as of yet on the series, but the book is expected to launch sometime in August, 2013. Stay out of trouble. READ MORE


[Exclusive] Preview: 'Hellraiser: The Dark Watch' #4

Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert continue to expand the Hellraiser universe next week with issue #4 of “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch”. While some Hellraiser comics in the past have been met with much scrutiny, this current series from Boom! Studios is fuelled by Barker’s masterful world building and Seifert’s wit. Some serious battles are about to go down in Hell. Check out the exclusive preview below. READ MORE