'Resident Evil 6' And 'Dead Rising 2' Included In Capcom Essentials Bundle

On October 8th, a five-game bundle called the Capcom Essentials pack will be set loose upon the world, just in case you haven’t gotten caught up on Capcom’s latest games. The bundle will include Dead Rising 2, Devil May Cry 4, Mega Man 10, Resident Evil 6 and Super Street Fighter 4, all of which you can get for the price of a new game ($59.99). That’s not a bad deal, and I’m not even taking into account the geektastic branded travel bag that comes with it.

I wish they would have bundled DmC: Devil May Cry rather than DMC4. They’re both great games, but I much prefer Ninja Theory’s take on the franchise. Check out the Xbox 360 version after the jump.


Still In The Market For 'ZombiU' And A Wii U? Here's Your Chance To Get Them Both

ZombiU is arguably the most original game from the Wii U’s launch lineup — zombie themes aside — because of its unrelenting difficulty, unique take on the multiplayer, and innovative use of the console’s GamePad controller. I still haven’t purchased ZombiU or a Wii U, so this newly announced offer is particularly tempting for me. It brings with it a black Wii U Deluxe console (the only version of the console that’s worth it, in my opinion), which comes with a 32GB hard drive, a digital copy of Nintendo Land, ZombiU (disc, not digital), a Wii U Pro controller, and a GamePad. You can get all this for the very decent price of $390. The bundle will be available in North America on February 17th, and if you haven’t checked out David Harley’s review of ZombiU, I recommend it.


A 'BioShock' Ultimate Rapture Edition Could Be On The Way

If a recent rating from the British Board of Film Classification is anything to go by, there’s a chance we could soon be getting a new BioShock bundle that will include BioShock 1 and 2 as well as all their DLC. The bundle received an 18 rating, which makes sense. With BioShock: Infinite pushed into next year this might be just the thing to keep us busy while we all patiently wait with twiddling thumbs for that signature blend of guns, plasmids, and incredible storytelling that only BioShock can deliver. I’ve been itching to get wet with a Big Daddy and this could cost me significantly less than my original plan. How about you, is this something you’d be interested in or would you rather wait for Infinite in February?


E3 2012: Special 'Resident Evil 6' Bundles Confirmed, But The Included Extras Are Digital

I’ve got some good news and some bad news, which would you like first? The good is a two-parter, if that affects your decision at all. Oh, you want the good? Well okay then. For starters, you’re a beautiful person. Also, remember those Resident Evil 6 bundles Amazon outed earlier this week? Those were confirmed today, but that’s where the bad news comes in, as all those delicious extras they offer are digital. It’s disappointing, but not all that surprising. Is anyone still interested in either bundle, or is the digital-only extras a deal breaker?


E3 2012: Amazon Outs Special 'Resident Evil 6' Bundles

Two Resident Evil 6 bundles have been outed by online retailer Amazon–one for the PS3 and another for the Xbox 360–that include a variety of Resident Evil related bonuses for those who look at Resident Evil 6 and scoff at its utter lack of content. The first is the Resident Evil Anthology for the PS3, which brings with it Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 4 HD and the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. The second is the Resident Evil Archives for the Xbox 360 and it will include Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 4 HD, Code Veronica HD, Resident Evil 5′s Gold Edition and the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration. Looks like Xbox 360 owners got the short end of that severed limb, but both are still fantastic deals for their $89.99 asking price. Anyone interested in either of these delicious bundles?

Japan's Getting A Kickass Resident Evil Anniversary Bundle, and I'm Jealous

Japan gets a lot of cool shit. Things like Fatal Frame IV, that likely won’t be seeing the light of day anywhere else, or the Silent Hill Sound Box that brings together all of the series’ fantastic soundtracks into one super cool package, and now they’re getting an amazing Resident Evil Anniversary bundle that includes the upcoming Revival Selection. I’m a total geek for any cool gamer swag, especially when said swag is horror-related, so there’s a very good chance I’ll be flying my lazy ass out to Japan just so I can pick this thing up. Or maybe I could have it imported? Yeah, that sounds way easier.

6 Japans Getting A Kickass Resident Evil Anniversary Bundle, and Im Jealous

The bundle includes an overwhelming amount of sweet Resident Evil goodies and will be available exclusively in Japan on September 8th. Head past the jump for a breakdown of everything this bundle includes, just try not to cry. READ MORE

Fatal Frame IV Finally Coming to the States, But There's A Catch

Update: Just to clarify, this was an April Fool’s Day joke (As if you didn’t know this already).

For years survival horror fans have been waiting for the Fatal Frame IV to bring its scrawny ass to the US. Today, all our wishes are finally coming true, but not without a pretty big catch. Some fans may still see this as a good thing, but all good things come with a price, and Fatal Frame IV’s long awaited journey to our shores is not different.

1 Fatal Frame IV Finally Coming to the States, But Theres A Catch

Let’s start with the good news. First, we’ll finally be able to play the game. That’s pretty great, right? Second, it’s coming to us in an incredibly cool package, filled with goodies. Now for the bad news: you’re going to have to save up for this one kiddies, because it’s not cheap. Oh, and it’s still Wii-exclusive, and that’s always bad news. Am I right? Head past the break to see the brand new Fatal Frame IV Wii bundle, in all its dark and gloomy glory. READ MORE