Thrillbent Launches Digital Store

Mark Waid’s Thrillbent Comics, a website which offers free-to-read digital books from some of the biggest names in the business have just launched a new online store. Given that the books they put out are free, I imagine they aren’t taking in any cash, and this is their chance to do so. If you like what you read, you can purchase a PDF copy of the book. There are some great titles on Thrillbent (specifically “The Eighth Seal”, pictured above), so check them out. READ MORE


Comixology Introduces Bundles And Subscriptions

Comixology makes getting digital comics even easier, and more importantly, cheaper. The site is now offering bundle packages as well as the option to subscribe to your favorite series. Unfortunately the subscription option doesn’t save you any money, it just means you don’t have to go in and order every Wednesday when a new issue drops. However, the bundles offer some pretty sweet deals and some decent savings. Some of the better deals include a Joe Hill bundle pack that saves you 21%, and the entire Rick Remender “Uncanny X-Force” run for 33% off. READ MORE


DC Take Digital Comics To The Next Level With DC2 And DC2 Multiverse

DC Entertainment unveiled some new digital initiatives today called DC2 and DC2 Multiverse (to be read as DC squared) at the opening of Time Warner’s “The Future of Storytelling” exhibition in New York. The move brings DC comics to life (in some regard). Digital comic panels within the initiative will feature some motion as you swipe through the comic. Think of it as a not-so-static comic, but not quite a motion comic. The technology is expected to launch along with the release of Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case’s “Batman ’66″, based on the classic Batman television show. READ MORE


CONTEST OVER [BD Contest] We're Giving Away 20 Free Digital Copies Of 'X' #1!

No tricks, gimmicks, or skill necessary for this contest, folks. Dark Horse was kind enough to give us 20 codes that will get you a free digital copy of “X” #1. “X” is a new ultra-violent series from the minds of Duane Swierczynski and Eric Nguyen that follows the brutal exploits of the titular vigilante hero (review here).

All you have to do is head to the comments section and write “X”. The first twenty people to do so will be rewarded with a free copy. READ MORE


Brian K Vaughan's 'The Private Eye' Is Now Available Digitally

Well that was quick. This was just previewed yesterday and the new comic from BKV and Marcos Martin is already available to download digitally for whatever price you are willing to pay in English, Spanish or Catalan through their site, Panel Syndicate. They recommend you pay 99 cents, but I leave generosity up to you. READ MORE


[WTF] 'Black Kiss II' Banned In Britain Permanently

Alright so Image’s Black Kiss II is a really sexual book. There are disturbing images, questionable content matter, and full on, doggy-style screwing. Initially, the book was held by UK Customs due to the adult content of the book. “Black Kiss II” #1 sold out in the first week. Bleeding Cool reports that, unfortunately, UK fans won’t be getting any more of the dirty mag any time soon… or will they? READ MORE


[OMFG] 'Thrillbent' Offers Free Digital Comics For All!

Mark Waid has been writing in the comic industry for over 25 years, delivering some of the most memorable runs for major publishers. Waid recently announced that, while he loves working with print comics, he would be starting his own website, offering free original comics on a weekly basis. Waid and John Rogers launched their new site, Thrillbent, this week, and you can already read two digital comics, no matter what electronic platform you are using. Waid wrote, “Thrillbent was created because John Rogers and I believe strongly that comics can and will be a thriving mass medium in the digital age if–IF–they’re created for modern media devices and not exclusively for printed pamphlets that are overpriced, uninviting to new readers, and abominably distributed in only a relative handful of storefronts nationwide.” This is a bold move in an effort to gain new readers, and a huge step forward in the comics industry. Check out more details below. READ MORE

Dark Horse Offers Readers FREE Comics/iPad Giveaway With Digital Launch!

With the lament of Dark Horse Comics’ official digital comic app on the horizon, the publisher is offering their fans a way to not only get involved with the project, but rewarding them with free swag! Inside you can get all the details on the the publishers’ latest plans for bringing all of the most exciting stories in their catalog to readers fingertips worldwide, and how you can get in the running for a free iPad, 1 of 5 free digital comics, and a $100 Dark Horse Digital Store gift card! Read on for the skinny…

 Dark Horse Offers Readers FREE Comics/iPad Giveaway With Digital Launch! READ MORE