The Dragger

The logline is being kept under wraps at the moment, but it’s said to be a “blend of traditional and ‘found’ footage” horror.


Fernando Barreda Luna Moves From 'Atrocious' To 'Kiss Of Vengeance'!

Director Fernando Barreda Luna made a splash last year with his found footage horror film Atrocious (also a Bloody-Disgusting selects title), and he’s doing a hyper-violent western short to cleanse his palate between features, Kiss Of Vengeance.

Kiss of Vengeance is “a western tale about a girl who becomes a true hero that fights the Mafia, inspired by a deep desire of pursuing the killers who executed her family in a horrible massacre back in the 90′s. This is the lonely journey about a renegade young rider who can’t trust anyone but her own skills. Set in the outlawed border of Mexico and U.S. ruled by the Cartels.

The short is in post-production now, but word is we’ll be getting a trailer in a few days. Head inside to check out some stills (via Twitch). READ MORE

'Atrocious' Director Discovers 'The Dragger'

atrocious 1024x417 Atrocious Director Discovers The Dragger

Up and coming screenwriter Sean Wathen first made the trades a few years back for co-writing the spec The Field, which was optioned to GG Filmz (Machine Gun Preacher). More recently, Wathen had sold two scripts – Psychology of Murder and The Lazarus Incident, both scheduled to begin production this year – to Producer Klaus von Sayn-Wittgenstein (Bear, Wolf Town).

Since the beginning of 2012, Wathen has been working with Atrocious (pictured) director Fernando Barreda Luna and Nabu Films to write Fernando’s first English language film The Dragger. The logline is being kept under wraps at the moment, but it’s said to be a “blend of traditional and ‘found’ footage” horror. Pre-Production is set to begin soon in the States. The film will be produced by Fernando’s wife Jessica Villegas.

I also want to tell that we are developing our next horror project called “The Dragger” and we’ll begin pre-production in January of 2012,” Fernando said in a statement. “This will be my first english language film and it’s being produced by my wife Jessica Villegas. For now, all I can say is that we’re shooting in the U.S. and that it will scare the hell out of you!

Atrocious is now on DVD, VOD and Netflix via Bloody Disgusting Selects.


Atrocious (limited)

Atrocious focuses on the case of a brother and sister who investigate a local urban myth while on holiday, resulting in strange occurrences at the family’s summer house.

In April 4th of 2010, Quintanilla family was found murdered in their country side house. Police reported the existence of 37 hours of recorded evidence. “Atrocious” shows the real images of such evidence. Quintanilla family traveled to their old farm house in Sitges, where Christian and July investigated about the Legend of the Girl in the Garraf woods. Both of them used to record all day whatever they did. On the fifth day of their arrival they were found dead under strange circumstances. ATROCIOUS shows the last five days of life for Cristian Quintanilla and his siblings. It also shows the strange situations that they lived in those moments and which remain unexplained.