Kidnapping, A Murder Most Foul, And Brazilian Rock Combine Into Hellbenders' "Hurricane"

Brazilian rockers Hellbenders have premiered their new video for “Hurricane”, which you can watch below (courtesy of Crave). The video features a pretty damn sexy car, some kindapping, and an axe that gets a bloody makeover. Very fitting for a Monday!

The song comes from the band’s debut album Brand New Fear, which was produced by famed Brazilian producer Carlos Eduardo Miranda. You can listen to and purchase the album below. READ MORE


Check Out This Beautiful Cover Of 30 Seconds To Mars' "Hurricane"

Destiny Potato singer Aleksandra Djelmas has released a cover of 30 Seconds To Mars‘ song “Hurricane”, which comes off their 2009 album This Is War. It’s a very simple black and white one take shot video with only piano and vocals. You can check out the video as well as the uncensored original music video below.

Destiny Potato is a band that I’m keeping a close eye on. They were signed to Century Media Records earlier this year and will be releasing their debut album in 2013. READ MORE

30 Seconds To Mars Release Uncensored 'Hurricane' Video

Late last month, we showed you the latest music video from 30 Seconds To Mars, ‘Hurricane’. Filled with all sorts of horror-esque imagery, we were pretty bummed that the only available way to check it out was in the censored version. Let’s be honest, us horror fans WANT to see the original, raw, vile version that the MPAA denies us. Well, 30 Seconds To Mars has released the uncensored version of ‘Hurricane’, which you can now check below. Enjoy!


Update: Video Banned From Television 30 Seconds To Mars Unleash 'Hurricane'

Update: The video for ‘Hurricane’ has been banned from television for one specific scene: At approximately 9:17, and this is a quote from a letter one network sent to Jared Leto, “Woman runs finger over other woman’s g-string clad bottom and touches her anus.” See the full list HERE.

30 Seconds To Mars have released six clips in anticipation of their short film ‘Hurricane’. Well you don’t have to wait any longer as the full video has been released today. Watching it, there are definitely moments that brought to mind The Strangers as well as 8MM. It’s a beautifully directed video and the music suits the visuals very well. Let me know your thoughts on the video in the comments below!


New 30 Seconds To Mars Video Trailer: 8MM Meets The Strangers

30 Seconds To Mars are going to be releasing a short film entitled ‘Hurricane’. To give fans a taste, they’ve released several short teasers, one of which you can see below (aptly titled ‘Gimps’). I have to say, I’m intrigued and pretty excited to see this short film.

You can check out the other clips HERE.