[Book Review] 'The Slasher Movie Book'

In the U.K, author J.A. Kerswell is the resident expert on slasher films. Not only has he run slasher site for the past 10+ years, he’s also the author of 2010s’ Teenage Wasteland, which also chronicled the history of the slasher film. He brings his obvious love of bloody stabbery to The Slasher Movie Book, a meaty, colorful tome that effectively encapsulates the entire subgenre within its 200+ pages. Packed with international posters and lurid marketing imagery, The Slasher Movie Book serves as a totem for the anti-Kindle crowd. It’s an undeniable collector’s item for horror fans, even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything Kerswell postulates within its pages.

Much of The Slasher Movie Book is written from a defensive standpoint. As Kerswell states in his introduction, “The slasher is often unfairly seen as bottom-of-the-barrel whipping boy, often accused – by critics and genre fans alike – of pandering to the lowest common denominator.” And while it’s refreshing to read Kerswell defend some hidden horror treasures like Torso and Tourist Trap, he has a tendency to vigorously defend virtually every entry in the subgenre, something to keep in mind when seeking out the unknown films he recommends. READ MORE