The Darkling Cover

[Book Review] Romance Author Strikes Horror Gold With 'The Darkling'

Author Carolyn Haines is into a little bit of everything. Primarily known for a series of humorous crime novels set in the Mississippi Delta (The Sarah Booth Delaney Mysteries), Haines is a prolific author who has published in multiple genres under multiple pseudonyms. Not only has she penned a dozen or so Harlequin romance novels (seriously), she even dispenses online relationship advice in the Southern Belle drawl of a ghost named Ms. Jetty. This Haines lady is the ultimate multitasker.

Pegasus Books is releasing her upcoming novel The Darkling under yet another pseudonym, “R.B. Chesterton“, a sweet mobster alias if I ever heard one. Although a few of Haines‘ previous novels have dabbled in the supernatural, The Darkling is a shockingly good horror novel for an author who merely dabbles.

In this unsettling piece of American gothic, the arrival of a 16-year-old foster child results in the unraveling of a close-knit family, arousing the suspicions of their young nanny. With its 1974 setting and slow burn narrative, The Darkling is a throwback to a time when the novels of Ira Levin and Thomas Tryon ruled bookshelves, when the most popular horror novels were both literary and scary.

The hardbound release hits bookstores on April 1. Read on for the full review. READ MORE


Horror Education of the Week: 'Rosemary's Baby'

Rosemary’s Baby is a beautiful masterpiece. Based on the novel by Ira Levin, Roman Polanski’s 1968 film follows the story of Rosemary Woodhouse, a young pregnant woman. From conception to birth, Rosemary’s world is overshadowed with the suspicion that her pregnancy may be the result of a pact her husband has made with their eccentric neighbors to use the child for human sacrifice in an occult ritual.

You know, just the normal everyday fears any woman has during her first pregnancy.