[BD Review] Irish Indie 'limp.' Double Dog Dares You To Sympathize With A Necropheliac

limp. is the story of Mr. Grot (Eoin Quinn), an awkward man, and his relationship with a corpse. Talk about a love story doomed from the start. It’s not as gruesome as it sounds though – the film isn’t graphic at all, in fact, and the corpse is pretty fresh. It’s not like she’s full of maggots or anything. Besides a brief moment of necrophilia, limp. probably won’t gross you out. The lack of grisliness may come as a a surprise, but viewers will soon realize that the film frequently subverts expectations, particularly ones about a highly disturbed corpse fucker.

The prologue features stunning imagery of waves and wheat fields ala Terrence Malick. Over the images, a young boy tells a story about seeing a creepy kid in a window once. This chilling anecdote appears to be completely unconnected to the narrative, but in the end it’s revealed how it ties into the overall chronicle of Mr. Grot. READ MORE