The 13th Apostle

It’s about a Pittsburgh detective who discovers that a series of horrible murders are the work of an Internet-based serial killers’ club, and joins forces with a stockbroker to stop them.


“Psychopath” is about an ex-CIA operative called back into action to stop a serial killer who begins to question his own sanity.


The 13th Apostle

It’s about a Pittsburgh detective who discovers that a series of horrible murders are the work of an Internet-based serial killers’ club, and joins forces with a stockbroker to stop them.


“Psychopath” is about an ex-CIA operative called back into action to stop a serial killer who begins to question his own sanity.


“Fangland” is based on the 2007 novel by former “60 Minutes” producer John Marks. It’s centered on a New York-based producer who travels to Romania for an interview with a notorious European arms dealer, who turns out to be a modern-day Dracula.

Evangeline Harker, a young producer for the TV news show The Hour, reluctantly accepts an assignment into the wilds of Romania to explore doing a segment on a legendary criminal figure, Ion Torgu. Evangeline soon finds herself at the very outskirts of civilization, and after hearing a missionary’s account of a supernatural plague that affected a whole community in Africa, she’s accosted by Torgu himself, doing an excellent impersonation of the vampire count. Her subsequent imprisonment in a deserted hotel also parallels Stoker’s tale, but Marks manages to make the familiar fresh, so that even devotees of the original will find themselves rapidly turning pages and being drawn into Evangeline’s fate and the stories of her friends and colleagues at The Hour.

The Prince



The story revolves around a very pretty girl’s curse that allows her to transform into different creatures from her many nightmares. Ariel Chylde is a physical pandora’s box, and these creatures borrow her blood and bones to hitchhike over to our world. Everytime Ariel changes, she sets a different horror creature free in her small southern town.


Burbank Art Show Gives Tribute to John Carpenter!

Los Angeles-based readers looking for something cool to do this weekend? Show your appreciation to art, bubblegum and John Carpenter at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank.

This weekend they put on display the “All Out of Bubblegum!” exhibit, giving homage to the works of John Carpenter. READ MORE


Here's the Original Press Kit for John Carpenter's 1982 'The Thing'!!

Dated February 11, 1982, the follow imgur user shared an original press kit for John Carpenter’s The Thing!

Included in the image gallery are the press notes, which talk about David Foster’s career, the summary of the film that was not for publication, as well as a bunch of awesome photos of the cast, crew and film!

Any horror collector will admire this and dream of adding it to their own collection.

Kurt Russell starred in the film about scientists in the Antarctic who are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills. READ MORE


[Remember This?] Siskel & Ebert Defend 'Halloween'!

I had actually never seen this clip before today, which provides an added dimension to the “remember this” tag since I’m literally asking you if you remember something this time. Because I don’t. In this instance, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert discuss Halloween a few years after the film’s release within the larger context of other slashers. While I truly love and value what these two men did for cinema and the conversation around it, I didn’t always agree with them (a notion you can take up a few notches when it comes to horror).

And there are elements to their argument here that I don’t agree with, primarily their fundamental dislike of the slasher subgenre, which happens to be my absolute favorite kind of horror film. Still, the rest of what they discuss here is quite compelling. Their overall sentiments about Halloween aren’t exactly new, but the way they discuss it in terms of its cinematic language is inspiring (and increasingly rare as the current debate about critics not being able to discuss form indicates). It’s a quick four minutes, but you might come away with an added appreciation for a film you already love.

Think about the TV critics and personalities we have today. Do they even have the ability to discuss film in this manner? READ MORE

m akers La Puntura Velenosa Delle Notte

Check This Band Out: M. Akers

It’s Monday and I want to give you some music to tide you over for the rest of the week. That’s why I’m bringing your Pullman, WA by way of Detroit, MI horror synth artist M. Akers. Full of analog electronic goodness, these tracks are sure to tickle the fancy of fans of Goblin, John Carpenter, and similar. Below are streams of A History Of Arson as well as the unused score for La Puntura Velenosa Delle Notte (roughly translated as Poison Sting Of The Night).

Head on down to enjoy! READ MORE


[Random Cool] Woman Crafts AMAZING Cake Of The Shifty Face Creature From 'The Thing'

Okay, so I don’t know if that creature is called “Shifty face” but it’s the best I could come up with! As a matter of fact, why don’t you leave a comment below with what you think this horrific monstrosity should be called, because that could end up being pretty awesome!

However, back to the point. What we have below is only one of the coolest things a woman could do for her boyfriend. San Francisco artist Vicky Knoop decided that for her boyfriend’s birthday she was going to make him a cake that would be as terrifying as it was delicious. With that in mind, she tackled the infamous aforementioned creature from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Seriously, it looks fantastic! Just trust me on this one!

Head below for a few pictures but make sure to head here for step-by-step instructions and far more images. READ MORE


Blood Music Signs Horror Synth Artist Perturbator

Blood Music has announced that they have signed French one-man electronic/synth musician Perturbator, who’s influences credit John Carpenter, Goblin, Vangelis, and similar 80′s sci-fi/horror composers.

The label states, “The one-man Parisian powerhouse revisits the eerie and energizing analog oscillations of 1970s and 1980s horror, sci fi, action, and exploitation films.

This is the label’s first non-metal signing. Future releases will be posted. Go below to get a taste of Perturbator! READ MORE


[Interview] Ryan K Lindsay Talks John Carpenter Inspired 'Headspace'

MonkeyBrain comics has been paving the way for independent digital comics, releasing quality, affordable titles from passionate creators. Ryan K Lindsay, no stranger to indie comics, just released the first issue of his ambitious new crime/horror/sci-fi series “Headspace” through MonkeyBrain on Wednesday, and it falls right in line with the rest of MonkeyBrain’s books. The high-concept series follows Shane, the sheriff of Carpenter Cove, who discovers that his strange town is actually a construct in the mind of a killer. It only gets crazier from there.

I sat down with Lindsay to chat about the crazy idea behind “Headspace”, his love for horror and sci-fi, and getting into the mind of a serial killer. READ MORE


John Carpenter Talks Scoring His Films

In a lengthy yet awesome interview conducted on Noisey, legendary horror director/composer John Carpenter opens up about scoring a lot of the films he worked on, including Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, and more.

When asked what score was the most fun, Carpenter replied, “I really enjoyed working on the score for Big Trouble In Little China—that was a lot of fun. Additionally I enjoyed the Prince of Darkness score, some of the later scores I did were really fun. When you have everything all hooked up, you have the film in front of you and the synths and you have a choice of sounds. That’s the most fun.

It’s a really interesting interview as it delves into the mind of Carpenter from an angle that doesn’t get a lot of notice. You can read it at the above link. READ MORE


Merrin's 'Doom Cinema' Is A Must-Listen For Horror Fans

Yesterday I posted an article about horror synth band La Casa Di Omocidio. BD Infected user mr_ugli then left a comment that stated, “..if you enjoyed this, might I direct you over to the latest MERRIN ep, Doom Cinema.” Well, I’m always eager to hear what you readers suggest, so I hopped my ass over to the link he provided and popped on Merrin‘s Doom Cinema and eased back for a listen. And boy oh boy did he hit it right.

The 3-track EP clocks in at just under 20 minutes and is inspired by John Carpenter as well as Southern Gothic thrillers and giallo horror. According to the bandcamp description, “The individual tracks are accompanied by three short films, each exploring the prospective genre’s they are paying homage to…The specially crafted films will be available on a limited edition VHS tape, available in 2014.

The music is very atmospheric and is the perfect accompaniment to any horror event. I can see this being very effective in a haunted house. I also am very interested to know about these VHS tapes and what stories the music accompany! READ MORE


La Casa Di Omicidio Releases Great Horror Synth Album 'Musica Di Colonna Sonora'

Horror synth group La Casa Di Omocidio has released their Musica Di Colonna Sonora EP, which is a must have for any fan of the horror synth genre, especially when it’s influenced by such acts as Goblin, John Carpenter, and King Crimson. The 5-track EP is supposedly, “…the left-over soundtrack from a 1979 movie of which no existing copies are known.” You can listen to the EP below.

I’m personally loving this resurgence in 70′s/80′s-inspired horror synth. It’s like hearing the soundtrack to films you were never able to watch, that you never even knew existed. Keep ‘em coming, I say! READ MORE


John Carpenter Lists His Favorite Video Games Of 2013

It’s no secret that director John Carpenter is a fan of video games. He worked on F.E.A.R. 3 — alongside writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) — lending a hand to make it more cinematic (if not very scary). He’s even recently expressed interest in making a horror game himself.

Looking back, as we do this time of year, 2013 was a pretty great time to be a gamer. It may have been a wee bit underwhelming compared to previous years, but we still got great games like The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider, among others. If I had to predict what Carpenter’s favorite games of 2013 were, I would’ve only gotten one correct (#4). Some of his picks may surprise you. They certainly did me.



With the holiday season upon us, let us not forget the aural treats that lurk around every corner! There are a plethora of awesome music releases that you should be keeping an eye on for the music lover amongst your circle of friends/family. Hell, maybe you just want to get some awesome new tunes just for yourself! If that’s the case, then look no further as we at BD are here with some suggestions to get your MP3 player packed to the brim with awesome new tunes! Head on down to see what we culled from this year!




[Blu-ray Review] 'Body Bags' Highlights Carpenter and Hooper's Strengths; With One Dud

20 years ago, John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper collaborated on an anthology film called Body Bags. It was meant to be a television series – Showtime’s answer to HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt”, but it never went into stage two. It’s an uneven film, one that boasts an impressive lineup of horror-related cameos like Sam Raimi, Roger Corman, and Tom Arnold (horrific indeed). Carpenter lively hams it up as the Crypt Keeper-like “Coroner” in the wraparound segments. Doing his best Betelgeuse impression, Carpenter drinks formaldehyde and complains about the number of people dying natural deaths. “Give me a nice stab wound to poke around in and I’m happy,” he says. As far as the three films go, there’s only one that didn’t do anything for me, while the other two are fantastic. READ MORE

Picture 1

[Blu-ray Review] Scream Factory's 'Assault on Precinct 13' Is Worth the Double-Dip

While Dark Star is technically John Carpenter’s first film, Assault on Precinct 13 is his first solo directing gig and the first to really feel like a Carpenter film. The glorious widescreen, the confined space, the dark humor, the blue-collar badass – all of the elements he’ll frequently revisit are there. Not to mention how incredibly assured the entire film is. With Precinct 13, Carpenter skipped the amateur phase of filmmaking and stepped right into the “master” class. While it may not be as synonymous with Carpenter as Halloween or The Thing, this low-budget love letter to Hawks’ Rio Bravo and Romero’s Night of the Living Dead stands as one of his best (and personally, one of my favorite films of all time, so pardon me if I gush a bit over this Blu-ray). READ MORE

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.17.30 AM

[Random Cool] Must-See 'Halloween' Fan Film Has Insane Production Value!

Fan films are all the rage, especially now that it grabs the attention of the suits behind major productions.

Bloody reader ‘theshapeh1′ tipped us off to a new fan-made short inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Directed by 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Anne-Sophie Picard and Félix Corré, the foreign short is entitled “Halloween : The Night She Doubted”.

October 31st, Halloween. Mary, a Haddonfield Police department student, receives a visit from her friend Nick. Over a discussion, the topic deviates, and Mary admits to her friend that she’s working on the Michael Myers case… the famous serial-killer.

These young filmmakers truly captured the look of Carpenter’s classic slasher, as teased above, as well as the tone. My only gripe, having skimmed through it, is the digital blood and lack of violence. Still, it’s insanely impressive, and well worth the time of all major Halloween fans! READ MORE


[Exclusive] Get Spooked With The Full Espectrostatic ’S/T’ Album Stream

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with electronic artist Espectrostatic (aka Alex Cuervo) to bring you an exclusive album stream for S/T, the upcoming album that will be released physically (CD/LP) on November 19th via Trouble In Mind Records. The album is described as unfolding, “…like the soundtrack to a lost horror classic,” and is influenced by the likes of, “…John Carpenter, Italo-prog masters Goblin, and the work of German pioneers Tangerine Dream.” Head on below to get your exclusive first listen and then purchase the album digitally via iTunes! READ MORE


[Halloween Treat] John Carpenter's 'Halloween' 1978 Alternate First Take Opening!!!

I just received the best Halloween Treat of the year, courtesy of Billy J. Kirkus. What you see below is an alternate take of the opening scene from John Carpenter’s classic Halloween, in which a young Michael Myers stalks his own house on his way to killing his older sister.

This is the first take of the opening to Halloween,” explains Kirkus further adding that “this was the first time they tried shooting it, without the cuts that they did in take number 2. They only shot this whole scene twice. Notice all of the blue in the picture…completely toned down for the recent release of the movie on Blu-ray.

He implores that if you want to see more of the “Unseen Halloween” you’ll need to contact Trancas International Films and tell them you want to see the “Unseen Halloween.” He gives very Special Thanks to James G. Chandler and of course the wonderful Don May, Jr and Synapse Films.

I was amazed that we got that shot in just a few takes, two to be exact” said Carpenter in “Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen” by Jim Grove. “I thought it would be impossible; I thought we’d have a problem with every take, and that we’d have to do it over and over agin and that eventually we’d have to change the whole scene because there was only enough money left to do two or three takes of that scene.READ MORE