Could Left 4 Dead Make Its Way to the Wii U?

Nintendo’s next console, the Wii U, was officially revealed at E3 earlier this month to a mostly warm reception. It brings with it things we expected, like better hardware, and a few surprises, particularly its unique controller. The Wii U is Nintendo’s next console is also a big step toward giving third party developers, like Valve Software, more options with their console. So far the list of third party companies interested in the console is pretty impressive, including big names like Ubisoft, EA, and Activision. So what about Valve?

L4D Could Left 4 Dead Make Its Way to the Wii U?

The team that brought us the critically acclaimed Portal, Left 4 Dead and Half-Life series definitely has their interest piqued. Valve’s managing director, Gabe Newell, had positive things to say about Nintendo’s next console, saying “It sort of fits better into the scalability in terms of graphics performance and CPU performance, so I think it’ll be a lot easier for us to fit it into our scalability model.” Could this mean the cooperative zombie series Left 4 Dead might make its way to the Wii U? If anything, the chances are better now than they were on the Wii. READ MORE

E3: Valve & SteelSeries Are Bringing You Some Game Inspired Periphs

Valve (Left 4 Dead, Half Life) has joined forces with SteelSeries (many gaming peripherals) to bring you gaming peripherals featuring some of Valves top games. They already have stuff for Diablo, check out the pictures past the break. But we can expect more Valve games to get the same treatment in the future. Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, etc.

1 E3: Valve & SteelSeries Are Bringing You Some Game Inspired Periphs

Even More Left 4 Dead Content Shuffling Over to Left 4 Dead 2

If you’re looking for a reason to dust off your copy of Left 4 Dead 2 Valve just gave us one. In the works for the game is a DLC pack that will include the rest of the campaigns from the first game (that’s Dead Air, Blood Harvest and Death Toll as No Mercy was ported over in The Sacrifice DLC). Obviously, these maps will be tweaked so they work with Left 4 Dead 2′s gameplay. But that’s not all.

10 Even More Left 4 Dead Content Shuffling Over to Left 4 Dead 2

They’re also bringing a user-created campaign dubbed Cold Stream that will be bundled with the pack. Apparently, Cold Stream will be light on story and will instead focus on giving players a fun gaming experience that’s a little different from what we’re used to. Now I have to ask, outside of hearing Francis talk about all the things he hates, since essentially all of the content from the original is making its way to Left 4 Dead 2, will any of you be keeping your copy of Left 4 Dead once this DLC comes out? READ MORE

This Spitter Stole My Heart (& Brain)

This is without a doubt my new favorite thing to watch because it has everything I look for in my online entertainment: comedy, sex, gore and video games (and not necessarily in that order). If you think you can stomach so much bile-seasoned awesomesauce in a 3 minute package, check out the first episode in the destined to be great machinima series Hearts & Brains below.

I hope you like Kesha but I really don’t care because you’re a hooker. That’s just full of win. If anything this video is proof there’s fun to be had even when the zombie apocalypse inevitably arrives and the only hookers left are the drooling undead. READ MORE

Is 'Zon 261' a Swedish 'Left 4 Dead' Adaptation?

With The Walking Dead moving the horror spotlight back onto zombies (vampires, you had a good run!), prepare to be inundated with tons of undead films, which I’m sure most of you will be thrilled about. First on the chopping block is Zon 261, a Swedish zombie film with a heavy emphasis on action. Maybe it’s just me, but the trailer takes on more than a slight resemblance to Left 4 Dead – 4 human survivors, fast smart zombies with plenty of weapons to spare, etc. Krejaren, which just released a horror film entitled Psalm 21, appears to have gotten the look and vibe down pat, and I’m curious to see where they go with, as the filmmakers describe it, “a zombie movie – that isn’t a zombie movie – about xenophobia.” Check out the sadly unsubbed trailer beyond the break.


Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice DLC Review

Left 4 Dead fans rejoice! The long awaited dual compatible DLC for Left 4 Dead and its sequel went live Tuesday for the PC and Mac, and after a brief delay became available for all the hungry xbox 360 gamers out there.

Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing Release Right Around The Corner

Left 4 Dead 2′s DLC known as “The Passing” will be coming out this Thursday April 22nd for the PC and Xbox 360. The DLC will feature a meet up between the Left 4 Dead 1 crew and the L4D2 crew in a small town in Georgia sometime after the Dead Center campaign.

left 4 dead 2 survivors Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing Release Right Around The Corner

The Passing will also deliver a new co-op challenge mode, support for infected bot play in Versus, a new “uncommon common” zombie class (the fallen survivor), golf club melee, and an M-60 to add to the many guns. You can download the DLC for 560 Microsoft Space Bucks, and free on the PC version. READ MORE

Headlines in Horror: F.E.A.R., er, F.3.A.R.! Doom 4! Zombies vs. Guitars! Big/Sad/Awesome L4D News!

It’s good to be a horror fan, or what I like to affectionately refer to as Thrill Enthusiasts. Someone might hear that term for the first time and think of something else, since at first a Thrill Enthusiast sounds like someone who enjoys getting their crazy on by tempting death through various scenarios like skydiving, spelunking, or base jumping. They would be incorrect in that assumption, unless you’re the rare type of individual who enjoys horror media and terrifying, Oh-God-Please-Please-Don’t-Fail-Mr.-Parachute activities. If you happen to fall under the latter category I commend you sir (or ma’am), as you are a borderline superhero.

HeadlinesInHorror ver5 Headlines in Horror: F.E.A.R., er, F.3.A.R.! Doom 4! Zombies vs. Guitars! Big/Sad/Awesome L4D News!

But I digress, something I find myself doing more and more often lately. It’s almost gotten to the point where I need to hire someone to follow me with a buzzer, monitoring my level of alertness and… on-topic-ness. Of course, paying someone to do such a task would be a problem, and finding a talented soul with the patience to really follow through would most likely prove even more difficult. Wait, I just did it again. Just click the Read More button before my compulsive rambling gets the better of me. READ MORE

Left 4 Speed 2

My sister showed me the other day this incredibly fast paces hilarious Left 4 Dead 2 parody. Check out! I posted the original Left 4 Speed past the break.


Left 4 Dead's Zoey, Naked.

I am a bit late seeing as this came out in June, but I figured since I just saw it for the 1st time, I would enlighten those who also haven’t seen this. have a mod so you can see Zoey from Left 4 Deads in her mostly naked glory.

zoey700yl5 Left 4 Deads Zoey, Naked.

She is rocking her pink jacket, ripped off from the top of her boobs, and a belt. That’s pretty much it. She seems to have some scars around her hips and leg, and what looks like a huge zit on her forehead. But you wont be checking those out. Obviously you MUST be at least 18 to view these pics, but they don’t really do a great job of stopping you if you aren’t. So head HERE and check them out. And please post your perverted comments below. READ MORE

Left 4 Dead 8-Bit Makeover

Yes, it’s EXACTLY what it sounds like. Left 4 Dead has been remade into an 8-Bit Nintendo style wonder. As of right now the infected are a little slow moving as compared to the actual game. And so far there is only a boomer roaming around, but creator Eric Ruth says the rest of the special infected with be added later on. Check it out below.

The game will be available for free download on the PC January 4th. Looks like for right now you can play 2 player co-op, and you can pick from all 4 Left 4 Dead characters. Eric has said all levels from Left 4 Dead will be in the game. I can’t wait!! READ MORE

E3: 'Left 4 Dead 2' Hands On Thoughts

Reset and I had an opportunity to stop by Valve’s private show room at E3 and get our hands on Left 4 Dead 2, which arrives for the PC and Xbox 360 in November. We got to play the first two sections of the campaign, “The Parish”. Hit the break to see how it measures up to the original.

 E3: Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On Thoughts

Left 4 Dead, Survival Mode Info! UPDATE!!

UPDATE! Survival Mode will be released sometime around 2AM PST April 21st, SO LOOK OUT FOR IT!

Thanks to James for the heads up, recently posted everything you need to know about the (coming next week!) new survival mode for Left 4 Dead. Read on for the blog post that has it all!

Survival Mode pits your team against never ending waves of infected. Sounds simple. Just trap the survivors in a small part of a map, unleash the hordes, and record the longest time. Survival Mode, which will be released next week, is actually a bit more than that.

4 Left 4 Dead, Survival Mode Info! UPDATE!!

Our goals for Survival Mode are to deliver a mode of play distinct from Campaign or Versus, have games that regularly last under ten minutes, and emphasize competition with team play through leaderboards. READ MORE

Left 4 Dead, Survival Pack!

Posted today on Kotaku, is the news I know we’ve all been waiting to hear. And that is the (hopefully 1st in a line of many) expansion pack for Left 4 Dead is going to be released this spring, and it will be know simply as the Survival Pack.

3 Left 4 Dead, Survival Pack!

What does this “Survival Pack” include exactly? Well, 1st there is going to be a new multiplayer game called Survival, which I am hoping is like Horde Mode in Gears Of War 2, where you just get wave after wave of oncoming enemies. And on top of that there is also going to be 2 complete campaigns for Versus Mode. Valve has also said that a Critic’s Choice Edition of Left 4 Dead will be in stores this spring, and that edition of the game will have everything from the Survival Pack pre-loaded into it.

And a special bonus for the PC Left 4 Dead players, (and really what makes me want to buy the PC version) is the Source Software Development Kit, so players can edit and create their own levels. And the best part? It’s free, and will be out in spring as well.

Left 4 Dead Randy Savage Mod, Maybe The Funniest Thing Ever??

Ok, so there is a mod for Left 4 Dead where instead of normal zombie noises, they all are replaced with Randy Savage yelling about slim jims and saying OH YEAH! It’s f*cking intense and hilarious. Check it out below, and download it HERE!


Resident Evil 2 Being Made For Left 4 Dead!? Time To Buy The PC Version!

A couple of members, and known “mod gods” are in the process of creating a Resident Evil 2 like campaign for the PC version of Left 4 Dead. How f*cking cool is that!?

022 Resident Evil 2 Being Made For Left 4 Dead!? Time To Buy The PC Version!

Here is the synopsis for the campaign:
The campaign places the four survivors on the abandoned streets of Raccoon City after a truck crashes into their car. You head on foot to the police station in hope of rescue. Upon entering the station you receive help from an injured cop who points you in the direction of the sewers to escape the infested city, however the 4 survivors soon end up discovering the reason behind the infection when they come across a top -secret high tech research facility owned by the ‘Umbrella’ Corporation.

If you head HERE you can read the post they made and see a ton of ever so familiar screenshots with a Left 4 Dead twisty twist to them. This is going to be so cool! READ MORE

Left 4 Dead Mods Anyone?

If you are using a PC, and playing Left 4 Dead on it, you might want to check out these mods that has listed for the game.

shaun 300x236 Left 4 Dead Mods Anyone?

From a hulk version of the tank, to boomers in thongs, to hunters with hello kitty hoodies, these mods will keep you laughing while you’re killing. READ MORE

The Best Horror Game Of 2008, Voted By You!

Though it may be cliche’ to say, “well oh gee, I never though 2008 would be as good as 2007 for horror games” bla bla bla, well it was. Yes last year BioShock demolished the competition, but with the amount of epically amazing games this year, I think the race will be a little less 1 sided.

bestgame2008 The Best Horror Game Of  2008, Voted By You!

Last year there was a little “confusion” on what a “horror” game entails. Well, the games on this list are that that would reflect anything horror, sci-fi, bloody and or disgusting, gorey, thrillerish, creepy, aliens, ghosts, zombies, vampires, plain old really weird stuff, stuff that is outside of “normal”, there are no Marios in this list, no Call Of Dutys, these are the games people cringe at. The games some people are too scared to play. The games parents don’t want their kids playing. The games that we love here on BD.

Head past the break to see the games in the running! READ MORE

Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Soon

It’s a bit of a slow week for video game news with the holidays and all, but there is a bit of fantastic news we can all get excited about. It looks like coming soon there will be a new campaign for Left 4 Dead on the PC and the Xbox 360. This was found out on a video podcast from Kotaku.

zoey Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Soon

Also with the DLC will be competitive mode for Death Toll and Dead Air. And there are hints of a “movie editor”, where you will be able to capture and edit gameplay, but that if it comes out at all will be after the new campaign(s). PC players will also be getting their SDK so they can create and edit their own levels.

As far as cost, it looks like it will probably be free for PC players as Valve has always done this for their PC gamers. It’s unknown about the DLC for Xbox 360 players, though it seems most things on Xbox live are never free. Microsoft is forcing Valve to charge for Team Fortress 2 content, so who knows. READ MORE

Crossroads Mall Coming To Left 4 Dead!

Posted on Kotaku is fantastical amazing news Left 4 Dead fans! The Crossroads Mall from the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, was recreated for a stand alone Half Life 2 mod. However, it will be coming out for Left 4 Dead, hopefully sometime soon. I’ll keep you guys updated if I find out about the release, but until then you can check out a walkthrough of the mall below.


Watch The 1st 13 Minutes And 26 Seconds Of You Being Left 4 Dead!

Check out the 1st, well they say the 1st 15 minutes, but I’m not going to lie to you. It’s 13 minutes and 26 seconds, of Left 4 Dead game play. If your computer can’t handle it, don’t watch it in HD or you’re just going to sit there pissed off when it keeps buffering.

HD Version

Standard Version


E3: Some Left 4 Dead Screen Shots, And A Video

E.A. is already pumping out the goods over at E3, so stay tuned for more good stuff we are going to be having throughout the week. Here are 8 Left 4 Dead screen shots, keep an eye out for the game on the PC and Xbox 360 November 4th of this year. READ MORE


Left 4 Dead, as confirmed in an interview in one of these videos is being shipped November 4th of this year. They make it clear this is a game you want and need to play with your friends. Which is fantastic, my friend Reset and I were in a Game Stop the other day discussing the fact that we think every game ever should be co-op, because most of the time we would rather be playing with friends. READ MORE

Left 4 Dead, You Can Leave Me 4 Dead Any Day

Game Trailers, I love them, because they give me wonderful videos of Left 4 Dead, and online multiplayer, and this guy, he tells me about the fact that I can play as a zombie against my friends and feast on them, or I can play as a human and shoot my zombie friends, or I can continue on even longer making this paragraph one whole sentence……..BUT, I want you all, and I mean everyone to watch these videos because this game is going to be amazing. Step aside Halo, Call Of Duty 4, because Left 4 Dead is moving in. (I hope this game is amazing so I don’t look stupid.) READ MORE