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Sam Keith & Chris Ryall Team Up For 'Mars Attacks: First Born'

IDW announced plans for a new “Mars Attacks” four-issue miniseries from creators Sam Keith and Chris Ryall that will tell the story of the first Earth-born Martian as she is left behind after the big invasion. Ryall and Keith describe “Mars Attacks: First Born” as their love letter to classic science fiction.

Look for issue #1 in shops May, 2014. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks The Human Condition'

Do you like holidays? Of course. Do you like books? You probably do if you’re reading this. Do you like Mars? The planet or the candy, it doesn’t matter. Have you ever wondered was there anything those wacky Martians won’t attack? Wonder no more. The answer is no. They are as shameless as Deadpool used to be in going in and maiming everything possible. Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Moby Dick, Jekyll & Hyde, and Robinson Crusoe are all on the menu in this buffet of Martian tales. “Mars Attacks The Human Condition” showcases a healthy mix of creators and settings for those glass-domed goofs to destroy, destroy, destroy! READ MORE


[Exclusive] Preview: 'Mars Attacks Judge Dredd' #3

IDW’s “Mars Attacks” event is insane. The Martians are invading every major title the publisher has to offer, leading to some ridiculously awesome crossovers that could never happen anywhere but comics. This week, the Martians continue to invade Mega-City One while Dredd and his crew of Judges try to fend them off. Take an exclusive look at issue #3 after the jump. READ MORE


'Mars Attacks' Gets The IDW Limited Treatment

If you don’t know by now, IDW has been pumping out limited edition printings of their hottest books. They’re always sure to throw in some extra goodies like original artwork, signatures, scripted pages, etc. The company has just announced plans for their “Mars Attacks: Attack from Space Limited-Edition Hardcover”, which is now available for pre-order online. This will collect the first five issues of the new series from John Layman and John McCrea. Each printing will come with hand-drawn sketch cards from a slew of artists (see the list below). READ MORE


[This Day In Horror] Happy Birthday To Composer Danny Elfman!

Today in horror we celebrate the birthday of composer Danny Elfman and recognize the music and compositions that he has brought to our genre! Elfman’s work has been heard in all but two of Tim Burton’s films (Ed Wood and Sweeney Todd) as well as such films as Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. He also composed the main themes for The Simpsons as well as the “March Of The Dead” in Army Of Darkness.

Born May 29th in Los Angeles, California, Elfman became known to many people through the rock band Oingo Boingo, who were known for their heavy Halloween-themed concerts. His first film score was for 1980′s Forbidden Zone, which was directed by his brother, Richard Elfman. Since then, Elfman has gone on to score for some 90 films and shows, has been nominated four times for an Academy Award (he has never won), and won 33 various other awards, including the Richard Kirk award, which is given to composers who make significant contributions to film and television music.

Join me below in listening to some of my favorite cues from Danny Elfman as we wish him a very happy 59th birthday! READ MORE

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[Toys] 'Mars Attacks' Invades Your Gaming World

The “Mars Attacks” property has been undergoing quite the resurgence over the past year and they show no signs of letting up. Topps and Mantic Games have paired up in order to create a tabletop war-game based on the “Mars Attacks” series. The game will feature miniature sculpted figurines that will provide the basis for the alien invasion gameplay. The game will feature characters from the classic series as well as new characters that will be introduced in the IDW comic series. They also have plans to tie the game into the new trading cards.

The “Mars Attacks” War-Game is set for a release in early 2014. READ MORE

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Review: 'Mars Attacks' #10

With such suspenseful writing and eye-popping illustrations, Mars Attacks #10 kicks into high gear with its blazing sci-fi action. The Martians are about to learn what happens when you take on Earth’s inhabitants. As soon as they reach the last page, readers will come back for more of the “Mars Attacks” series. READ MORE


[C2E2 '13] 'Mars Attacks Judge Dredd' Nuff Said

The Martians have recently been invading every one of IDWs titles. Just announced, IDW plans to pit Mars Attacks agains the baddest mother of them all, Judge Dredd. As the Martians land in Mega-City One, it’s up to Dredd and his crew to put an end to the alien storming.

Look for issue #1 in September. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks' #9

With incredibly smart writing and eye-catching illustrations, reader will definitely get a kick out of Mars Attacks #9. With a bit of quirky humor, this is a solid take on the alien invasion of Earth. Readers will become hooked with the “Mars Attacks” series after reading this awesome issue. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks' #7

A tremendous amount of outrageous action and dark humor flows within the pages of Mars Attacks #7. With an absurd premise – blending retro sci-fi, horror, and crime – the story is surprisingly really good. If you aren’t already, this issue will make you a fan of the “Mars Attacks” series. READ MORE


The 2012 Ghastly Award Winners Announced!!!

The Ghastly Award Judges are proud to announce the Winners of the 2012 Ghastly Awards. Nominees were chosen from entries nominated by their professional peers: Comic Book Artists, Writers, and Publishers. Winners were chosen by the Ghastly Awards Judges, Comic Book Creators and the Fans. The Ghastly Judicial Panel congratulates all 2012 Winners and Nominees. It is an honor to be recognized by your fellow professionals for such outstanding work in horror comics. Hit the jump for the full list of winners. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks The Transformers'

Martians! Team ups! Double crosses! Lasers blasting! Explosions! Witty banter! Giant yellow boots! Don’t trust Mars to do anything but terrorize and entertain you at the same time! This fun issue feels like a classic wacky episode of the original Transformers cartoon but in comic form as Mars Attacks The Transformers One-Shot. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters'

A major delight this week is Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters. It comes with a witty brand of horror comedy. This issue will certainly give fans of the “Ghostbusters” and “Mars Attacks” franchises something sweet this week. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks: The Holidays'

With a parade of quirky visual gags, Mars Attacks: The Holidays is a hilarious collection of sci-fi comedy short tales. The Martian invaders are spreading chaos and mayhem over the beloved holiday season. Humanity will not back down and let their earth be taken over by the space aliens. For pure escapism and fantasy, the fun and excitement within these pages is highly contagious. READ MORE


'Mars Attacks' IDW Full Details Released!

As teased last week, IDW has sent out official details on the Mars Attacks event at IDW Publishing. The vicious Martians with a plan for vengeance will be invading almost all of the IDW ongoing titles including “Popeye”, “Chew”, “Transformers”, “GI Joe”, “Ghostbusters”, “KISS”, and others. The event begins on January 2nd, 2013. For full details, cover art, and a list of all books involved, hit the jump. READ MORE


'Mars Attacks' Goes After The IDW Universe This Winter!

IDW announced a major crossover event that will has the Mars Attacks martians invading the following titles: “Transformers”, “Popeye”, “The Real Ghostbusters”, “Kiss”, and “Zombies vs Robots”. The publisher released a set of teaser images featuring the aliens attacking the various logos. No specific details have been announced regarding plot or length of the event, but it is set to begin at the turn of the new year. I imagine it will take a similar for to the “Infestation” event. See all the teasers below. READ MORE


Review: 'Mars Attacks' #4

I can’t say was a big fan of Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks movie when I saw it so many years ago. Nor was I even alive when the trading card were going around. Suffice it to say, I held reserves about the new “Mars Attacks” series from IDW, but what I found is a dashingly fun, furious ride packed with stellar artwork from John McCrea. John Laymon does an excellent job developing the wild Martian universe through the use of flash backs and a strong narrative arc, while John McCrea’s art brings it all to life. READ MORE


10 Comics To Feast On: August 22 2012

And we’re back with your weekly dose of hot comics! This week, Grant Morrison’s entire magnum opus, Invisibles, is finally collected, Amazing Spider-Man turns 50, the first volume of Snyder’s Swamp Thing lands, and plenty more. READ MORE


10 Comics To Feast On: June 20 2012

Comic publishers are kind to us this late week in June, offering what looks to be one of the best weeks of the summer for horror comic fiends. Caitlin R. Kiernan continues her Alabaster: Wolves series, Riley Rossmo concludes his zombie epic, Rebel Blood, IDW’s new Mars Attacks series begins, and a whole lot more.

With the ever-increasing number of books coming out between the tie-ins, the crossovers, and the new series, we’ve all got to limit our reading list somehow. We present you with our ten most anticipated books of the week. So feast your eyes on these! Whether you’ve been into comics since you were a young’un, or you’re new to the game, we’re here to help you decide which books to pick up. If I’ve missed something you’re stoked about or if you’ve got any questions, list it in the comments. READ MORE


Preview: 'Mars Attacks' #1

Most of you probably know Mars Attacks as one of the last good films Tim Burton made, but it actually spawns from a series of trading cards from the 60s. IDW makes an interesting move to bring the series back in comic book form this week with a stellar creative team driving the boat. Eisner Award winner John Layman of “Chew” will be writing, alongside John McCrae on art duties, to explore those pesky aliens once again. In order to stay true to the trading card scene, IDW will be shipping out random packages of alternate covers to local comic shops around North America so keep your eyes peeled for the ultra rare alternates. Prepare yourselves, Earthlings, the martians are about to attack! READ MORE

OMFG: Eisner-Winning Team To Write A New 'Mars Attacks' Ongoing!

I’m sure you all remember that Tim Burton cult classic, Mars Attacks starring Jack Nicholson, Tom Jones, and horse-face Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, we’ve got a surprise for you, those little freaky aliens are coming back in a big way. IDW announced today that the Eisner Award winning creators, John Layman (CHEW) and John McCrea (Hitman), will be behind a brand new Mars Attacks ongoing series this summer. It’s gonna be weird, funny , and definitely creepy. Layman plans to bring a whole lot of destruction to earth in this series, so get stoked for the destruction of humanity. Check out details about the story, cover art, and more after the break.

 OMFG: Eisner Winning Team To Write A New Mars Attacks Ongoing! READ MORE