Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 69: Thrash Or Die "Wake Up And Smell The Thrash"

I was never a fan of The Muppets or Sesame Street. Those shows simply never held any appeal for me and I don’t really understand the fascination and obsession that some people have over them. However, what I DO love is Meet The Feebles, the 1989 Peter Jackson-directed muppet black comedy. It’s rude, vulgar, gory, and utterly demented and DAMN do I find it hilarious!

That’s why the video for Thrash Or Die‘s “Wake Up And Smell The Thrash” appeals to me so much! It’s pure metal with puppets and a ton of perverse shenanigans. Check it out below for blistering puppet metal start to your weekend! READ MORE


This Is The Most Violent Teddybear I've Ever Seen

Alright, so I might be slightly exaggerating in the headline, but not by much. You see, below is “Vengeance Rhythm”, the new video from Two Fingers. Written and directed by Chris Ullens, the video shows a teddy bear go on a rampage against all the other toys in a bedroom. What follows is possibly the goriest vision of toy slaughter I’ve ever seen. It’s also pretty damn hilarious and entertaining! I highly recommend you check this video out below.

This song comes from Two Fingers’ latest album Stunt Rhythms, which you can purchase here. READ MORE