6 Horror Games That Deserve Next-Gen Remakes!

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been available for a few months now, gifting console gamers with a small taste of the potential of next-gen gaming. As we look to the future and the many horror games we have to look forward to in 2014, I’d like to take a minute to look back at a few of the games that brought the horror genre to where it is today.

We have plenty of sequels and new IPs to look forward to in the coming years, now it’s time to imagine how great some of our old favorites would look on all this snazzy new hardware.

Read on for my list of 6 Horror Games That Deserve Next-Gen Remakes!


6 Cancelled Horror Games That Could've Been Amazing!

Cancelled games. It’s a sad fact that they’re a thing. The developer might get shut down, its ambitions may outreach their available resources, they might even decide to move on to another project — whatever the cause, over the years we’ve seen a lot of horror games get canned. Some probably won’t be missed. Others certainly will. This list is dedicated to a handful of horror games that had definite potential before they were scrapped.

No, Guillermo Del Toro’s inSANE isn’t among them. I’m trying to keep an ember of hope alive for that promising horror game, despite numerous signs pointing to its seeming transition to the dreaded development limbo.

Read on for my list of six cancelled horror games that could’ve been amazing!


6 MORE Games And The Studios That Should Make Them!

A couple months back I listed a few horror games and the studios I’d like to see make them. A Silent Hill by DmC developer Ninja Theory? Yes, please. Resident Evil made by the studio behind Uncharted and The Last of Us? Don’t tell me that doesn’t get your nether regions aflutter with the possibilities.

Well, now I have even more horror games and the developers I’d like to see pick them up. Check out my picks after the break, and feel free to agree/disagree/offer your own pairings in the comments.

Concept Art from the Long Dead Nightmare Creatures III Exhumed

Nightmare Creatures was one of the first horror games I ever played way back on the original PlayStation. When I was sick of getting my ass kicked in Battle Toads (seriously, that game was tough) I’d take a break and pop in the game for a little monster slaying action. Sadly, I never finished the second game but that certainly didn’t keep me from getting incredibly psyched for Nightmare Creatures III. In fact, I enjoyed the series so much I included it on our list of the 17 horror games that need to see the light of day. Alas, it’s six months later and no developer has yet to hear my cries.

1 Concept Art from the Long Dead Nightmare Creatures III Exhumed

But now I can at least get a glimpse of what the game could’ve looked like, with this handful of delicious concept art from artist Arthur Hugot’s online portfolio. They’re incredibly cool and the enemy designs are even a little reminiscent of the torchered creatures from The Suffering series (which also deserves another sequel!). Head past the break for a look at what could’ve been. READ MORE

17 Horror Games That Need to See the Light of Day

The video games industry is an unforgiving world where highly anticipated games can be canceled without warning, or even worse, they can be thrown into the dread video game limbo. The fate of those who find themselves in the latter category rarely survive, instead fans are strung along for years with the promise of a release until the game meets its inevitable fate.

MIAbanner 17 Horror Games That Need to See the Light of Day

Unfortunately, Development Hell strikes horror games just as often, if not more so, than other genres. The most likely cause of this is how shaky the genre is, where long in development titles like Alan Wake get great reviews and tons of hype before falling short in the sales department. Then there are titles like Resident Evil that breaks all expectations, and surprise hits like BioShock. So if there’s a game you’ve been looking forward to for some time, read on to see the fifteen horror titles we’re foaming at the mouth to get our hands on. READ MORE