Random Acts of Violence

Random Acts is the blood-soaked story of two comic creators and their ultimate horror character Slasherman creation gone very wrong. The creators start to see success flowing like a river, but when that river turns bloody and people start dying in the midst of a signing tour, it becomes clear that their creation has taken a life of its own.

OMFG Of The Day: 'Random Acts Of Violence' To Get Movie Treatment

Continuing the trend of horror comics getting the big screen treatment it has just been announced that actor/writer Jay Baruchel (“THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE”, Pictured Below) will be helping to adapt Image Comics’ “RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE”, which was released as a one-shot graphic novella back in 2010. The story was originally written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti was formally titled “SPLATTERMAN”, and followed the rise and subsequent fall of two comic book creators whose creation gets out of hand and begins to result in the deaths of not only their friends, but the people closest to them. Below you can read an excerpt from the story from Comic Book Resources’ Spin-Off.com

 OMFG Of The Day: Random Acts Of Violence To Get Movie Treatment OMFG Of The Day: Random Acts Of Violence To Get Movie Treatment

Comic Book Resources’ Spin-Off Reports…

“Published in April 2010 by Image Comics, the story centers on two comic-book creators who find success with with their first published work, a horror character named Slasherman. But when people begin dying during their book tour, it becomes clear the duo’s creation has taken on a life of its own. The 72-page book was written by frequent collaborators Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, and illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

“It’s a horror tale that twists several of the genre’s conventions,” Gray told Comic Book Resources last year. “At times, it feels like The Hangover meets Silence of the Lambs. How’s that for a combination? Random Acts of Violence plugs into and twists the human need to belong and identify with something bigger than ourselves. There’s always been a fear that video games, music or comics lead directly to violence and the decay of civilization, [and] Slasherman is a Frankenstein monster that grows into a blood-soaked pop culture disaster.”

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'Splatterman' Is Days Away And He Is Ready To Commit Some 'Random Acts Of Violence'!

We are just days away from the release of the “JONAH HEX” tandom of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s horror one-shot “SPLATTERMAN”, and now the publisher has decided to change the title? Yes, that’s right, it looks as if the company decided to do a last minute name change as the title will now be called “RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE”. Whatever the reason for the change it isn’t effecting the release date, and if you make the jump you can read the first 8 pages of the one-and-done title before it drops! Read on for the skinny.

 Splatterman Is Days Away And He Is Ready To Commit Some Random Acts Of Violence! READ MORE