Review: 'Rat Queens' #2

Kurtis J. Wiebe’s “Rat Queens” is an invigorating reminder that fresh, female-driven, fantasy content is still alive and kicking ass. Expect an effortless blend of bloody violence and gratifying comedy in “Gold, Guts and Grog” Part Two. READ MORE


Review: 'Love Stories (to Die For)' #1

Having demonstrated a strong understanding, and appreciation, for the creative process of anthologizing horror fiction, in his series “Nightmare World”, Dirk Manning is back with “Love Stories (to Die For)” #1, from Shadowline. He presents two vastly different tales—in script, art, and genre—featuring stylistically distinctive illustrations by Rich Bonk and Owen Gieni. Though only one particular story reigns supreme based on artwork alone, both of Manning’s conceived pieces, no matter how infrequent, offer moments of baser pleasures. READ MORE


Review: ‘Miniature Jesus’ #3

Ted McKeever returns with another disorienting and bizarre installment of “Miniature Jesus” for Shadowline and Image Comics. Ripe with religious overtones and grotesque imagery, issue #3 strikes an even balance between dark humor and blasphemy; all the while maintain itself as one of the most thought-provoking books on the market today. READ MORE


Review: ‘Miniature Jesus’ #2

Ted McKeever is back with another boldly themed and rakishly illustrated installment of Miniature Jesus, courtesy of Shadowline Comics. Dominating his roles as writer, illustrator, and letterer, McKeever writes a bizarre tale of fantastic religious weirdness all while maintaining a palpable level of intimacy. “Miniature Jesus” #2 doesn’t let down, and it’s definitely an issue worth checking out. READ MORE


Preview: Kurtis J Wiebe's 'Rat Queens' #1

Kurtis J. Wiebe has been teasing “Rat Queens” for the past few weeks and the first preview has finally landed. Wiebe teams up with Meg Dejmal and artist John Upchurch for “Rat Queens”, a fantasy tale that features a gang of lewd monster hunting women who slay beasts in order to pay for their other vices.

Wiebe had originally planned to Kickstarter the project, but it was quickly swooped up by Jim Valentino at Image’s Shadowline branch. Take your first look at the fantasy madness below. READ MORE


The Past, Present, and Future of Image Comics

In a year that included DC’s New 52, “Before Watchmen”, and Marvel’s “Avengers vs. X-Men”, 2012 represented more than just big business in mainstream comics. This year, Image Comics celebrated its milestone 20th anniversary. Against heavy competition from the Big Two, Image Comics, the indie publisher that could, stood its own ground in the industry with bestselling series like “Saga”, “The Walking Dead”, and “Chew”. While not all books thrived at Image, the company that was founded on creator-owned rights managed to maintain a strong voice against the traditional spandex adventures of leading publishers. READ MORE


Review: 'Comeback' #1

Image and Shadowline make yet another noteworthy addition to their lineup with Comeback #1, written by Ed Brisson with art by Michael Walsh. “Comeback” tells the story of a shadowy company named Reconnect, which specializes in rewriting the past by averting untimely disasters and reuniting families with loved ones who died before their time. The first issue of the mini-series primarily focuses on two Reconnect agents, Seth and Mark, as what should be a routine job goes terribly awry. READ MORE