The Best Horror Game Of 2008, Voted By You!

Though it may be cliche’ to say, “well oh gee, I never though 2008 would be as good as 2007 for horror games” bla bla bla, well it was. Yes last year BioShock demolished the competition, but with the amount of epically amazing games this year, I think the race will be a little less 1 sided.

bestgame2008 The Best Horror Game Of  2008, Voted By You!

Last year there was a little “confusion” on what a “horror” game entails. Well, the games on this list are that that would reflect anything horror, sci-fi, bloody and or disgusting, gorey, thrillerish, creepy, aliens, ghosts, zombies, vampires, plain old really weird stuff, stuff that is outside of “normal”, there are no Marios in this list, no Call Of Dutys, these are the games people cringe at. The games some people are too scared to play. The games parents don’t want their kids playing. The games that we love here on BD.

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Australia Bans Yet Another Game

Australia is very careful about what they let their citizens play. You thought America was nervous about video game violence? Dark Sector, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, and Fallout 3 were banned this year alone. Changes were made to Fallout 3 and Dark Sector and they were allowed to be released. Well to top that list off this year, they have officially banned Silent Hill: Homecoming.

17 Australia Bans Yet Another Game

Australia’s Classification Board decided because of the games “copious blood spray, decapitations, partially dismembered corpses, and numerous scenes of attacks, fights, torture, and death” it won’t be released. They can resubmit the game for release early next year after changes are made to the violence, if they so choose. Sometimes changing main components of a game like this will just ruin it.

Now the way they do it in Australia, is a games highest rating is MA15+, which means anyone 16 and older can purchase the the game. Movies and the like can be rated R18+. So the game seems to have to go through more restrictions than our games do, to be released. Seems like they should just make it a higher age rating and still let the game be released, or be more strict on who they sell it too. READ MORE

Silent Hill Homecoming Widget?!

Are you a widget n3rd? And a Silent Hill g33k? Well, weird as it is Konami has released a Silent Hill Homecoming widget. What does it do? Give you all the Silent Hill news you want, right along with the rest of your widgets. Why am I telling you this? Why am I saying hey, download this and get your Silent Hill information right on your computer as it comes in, instead of here. Because I am an idiot, and I loves you all, I takes care of my babies, you hear?! Ok, now that I’m done being weird, the widget will look like a book that you can flip through to see pics, news, and videos. Also you’ll see journals from Alex Shepherd, Elle Holloway and Sheriff Wheeler.

SHH 18 tif jpgcopy Silent Hill Homecoming Widget?!

You can get the widget right HERE and you can add the widget to Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, and personal homepages. READ MORE

Silent Hill Homecoming, Creepy, So Creepy

Silent Hill Homecoming was just announced to also be released on the PC, the same time it will be released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, September 30th of this year. I have an awesome new trailer for you to check out HERE. Got a bit of the story, confusing, but creepy, and shows a lot of scary as hell locations and monsters. I also have a ton of new screen shots for you to check out, there are more past the break, enjoy!

45 Silent Hill Homecoming, Creepy, So Creepy

E3:Silent Hill Homecoming Videos, Finally

It took a few days, but finally we get to see some new Silent Hill footage from E3. Silent Hill Homecoming will be coming to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 October 8th of this year. Yep. Another October release this year. Just take all my money wont you? Check out these totally sweet videos, really showing you what the game is going to be like. READ MORE

More And More Silent Hill Screen Shots For My Babies UPDATE 4 Videos! Must See!

October can’t get here any quicker, and as much as I’d love to give up my entire summer so I can get this game faster, I cannot. For I love summer. However, over at EGM/1up they got a chance to play the game. Bastards, god damn bastards. But I love them non the less. Good news is that it sounds like The Collective (Foundation 9) is doing a good job on making the game, and “As expected, screenshots truly don’t do Homecoming justice.” says EGM Editor Shane Bettenhausen. Go HERE to read Shane’s full preview of the game, and read on to see screenshots. READ MORE

Silent Hill 5, Silent Hill.....Homecoming. Silent Hill Petition Also!

Silent Hill 5 will officially be called, Silent Hill Homecoming. Konami has confirmed this and also that they will be releasing the game in September in Europe. Normally when a game comes out in Europe we see it very soon after, so hopefully September for us, or October at the latest. Read on to find out about the petition… READ MORE

If You Love Nightmares Like I Do, You're Gonna Love This

It’s been a long 4 years since Silent Hill 4: The Room came out and sent me back into nightmares and cold sweats. But I can deal with that seeing what I’ve seen so far of Silent Hill 5(V). And that really isn’t much. Head over to and check out the Teaser or the Gameplay videos. READ MORE