Album Review: After The Burial 'In Dreams'

It seems lately that the big craze now is 7 or 8 string guitars: The lower the tuning, the more brutal the music. At least, that’s what bands think. More often than not, poor tones and generic songwriting plague what could otherwise be an interesting use of extended range instruments. After The Burial (interview here) tout their dual wielding 8 string guitarists as a huge part of their appeal. So does it help them or hinder them on their latest endeavor, ‘In Dreams’? Check out after the jump. 

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Exclusive Audio Interview: Trent Hafdahl 'After The Burial'

Bloody Disgusting has just scored an exclusive audio interview with Trent Hafdahl, guitarist of After The Burial. The interview goes over the new album ‘In Dreams’, Thanksgiving plans, the upcoming December Decimation tour and some of Trent’s favorite horror movies. Check after the jump for this exclusive audio interview.

‘In Dreams’ comes out this Tuesday courtesy of Sumerian Records. READ MORE