Off-Topic Thread January 2018: Brand Spankin' New Year Edition

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Happy New Year B-D fam!



  • nancenance maryland
  • Made it to another year. Wooooooo!
  • Happy New Year! A week late but we got some snow. Not much but enough to send Texans into a mass panic like it’s the apocalypse. Haha
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  • Adding to @Mr. Awesome 's recent response to summer season.

    Agreed 100%

    Summer is terrible, I work outside all day as well. Summer royally screws me up the ass, Winter is cold sure and sometimes I gotta work out late and freeze my balls off, but the system I work on just doesn't agree with Summer and makes life hell.

    Happy New Year's folks.
  • Happy New Year!

    I wish for just one year in my lifetime my football team has a good season. :s
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    I'll take sweating my ass off painting picnic tables and feeling the glory of the sunshine over this suicide inducing nuclear winter we're going through right now any day of the week

    I couldn't leave the house without people checking me out and now I gotta look like a yeti just to walk out the door without dying


    Also, girls DO NOT take smoke breaks at the club when the weather is this cold.
  • Can they not see your bulge in your yeti gear?
  • They can't see my bulge in basketball shorts
  • It’s a balmy 5 degrees outside, little warmer then the -3 I dealt with this morning, which is nice.
  • Yea cold weather sucks. Give 100 degrees any day of the week.
  • I got done with work early today and just spending the day at the movie theater on my own while everyone else is working. I think I like it better this way. Just saw Ferdinand. About to see Coco. Then sometime after that I'm going to see The Shape of Water.
  • I love relaxing at the movie theater when its quiet.

    Anyone got any plans for 2018? I've cleaned out my flat from top to bottom and donated all old clothes to charity and chucked a tonne of old stuff out. Fresh space! Now to set some targets...
  • I’ve got a few plans, just waiting on income tax return and this inheritance to come in.
  • The Shape Of Water was great! Strangely erotic but a great homage to monster movies.

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    I pre-ordered a Bluray steelcase of "IT" at Best Buy. Prety excited about getting it and I was blown by the film-making when I saw it on the IMAX screen. Other than that, this January is going to be a very good month for Bluray releases like "IT", "Blade Runner 2049", "Happy Death Day", "Jigsaw". I have never seen anything based off of "Saw" and I still have that Bluray 7-film collection I bought earlier this Halloween so I'm looking forward buying it on the first day. Gonna watch them all and see how good they are.
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  • "Anyone got any plans for 2018?"

    One of my New Year's resolutions is to lose some weight. I've given up drinking soda (except for holidays) so I think that's helping.

    I'm also got laid yesterday for the first time in nearly a year. I, uh, hope to do that again sometime this year lol.
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  • Congrats Puf. Now about a having a damn draft to get 2018 going? ;)
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