Killing is the easiest crime to get away with.

I'm sitting in my backyard. There's butterflies and a low sun not quite 20 minutes away from a sunset. There's an oak bucket next to me filled with blueberries. There's a man standing a mile across from me eating two packets of frozen soy sauce. I'm sipping a glass of Maker's Mark on the rocks. I have green residue on my lips. A UFO hovers overhead. Dogs are begging to be fucked. I tell them later. There's a bowling ball on the floor next to me. I'm craving popcorn. I haven't lit this blunt yet. My mother's corpse is still warm. I have Del Taco on hold. I can't stop thinking of Roman Polanski. There's a huge trampoline next door. My hair is the best it's ever looked. An ant colony on my front lawn seems upset. My cock is hard and yet shy. For the first time in my life I think the Earth might be flat. The alphabet is just,.. fucking weird, I backed out slowly,.. out of my drive way listening to nothing.. and was so distracted... I had a heart attack.


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