Arachnophobia remake

I'm good with this remake so far(could change once they announce the writer and director. I love the original, but it's not well known, this remake with its powerhouse producers could change that, plus if the film comes out in 2020, the film can have a 30th Anniversary blu ray release to go along with the remakes release.

Unlike the Poltergiest remake, this one had the original creators on as producers!

Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall are producing alongside James Wan, director of The Conjuring and Furious 7.


  • Kinda miss creature features when they were watchable like this little Gem, Syfy have kinda made them a joke by this point but the source material is enough to get me on board. I really hope they keep the blend of Horror and Comedy in this rather than go straight horror because soon we have "Itsy Bitsy" still waiting for a release date for that one.
  • Sure I'll watch it.
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