What got you into horror?

I'm curious to know who or what got people into horror. For me most of my life I tried to avoid anything horror related because of how sensitive I was (I could barely leave the house during October without going into hysterics it was that bad). Then when I was 11 I joined the school book club and they convinced me to try reading Anthony Horowitz book Horowitz Horror. I started seeking out horror videos (mainly countdowns) on youtube and it's been my favourite genre ever since.


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    His name is Jason fucking Voorhees! Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was the first ever horror movie I watched when I was 6 and I just feel he love with the big mongoloid bastard. So I instantly wanted to go to the video store to rent more, which thankfully my parents allowed, and I just remember seeing all the VHS covers of these creepy and wickedly cool cover art that just made me want to watch them all.

    I was never really “scared” of anything that I watched, just more exhilarated more than anything. I also knew it was just a man behind the mask and thought that was even cooler. Next was A Werewolf in London and the transformation scene that made sit up and pay attention to the effects side of things.

    So after that and the fact my mother shared that interest with me and allowed me to watch absolutely anything I wanted with no restrictions, it really helped peak my interest in the horror genre.
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    Freddy Krueger.

    As a kid I couldn't resist always picking up the Nightmare on Elmstreet VHS's on the wall in Blockbuster to look at the back. Several decades later the curiosity finally nailed me and I decided to watch all Elm street movies because they were free on cable. My wife also was working usually when I got home (she hates horror) so it was a good time to check it out.

    Yes, I got into horror in my mid 20's. After ANOES I decided to watch all F13's, then I watched Hellraiser. For the first time, unlike ANOES and F13, Hellraiser was completely different. The prior films were very entertaining but Hellraiser actually Disturbed me greatly, I then realized I was addicted to that feeling and the rest is history.

    And of course I can't forget what impact Aliens had on me as a little boy. I believe I was 9 and it was the first R movie I watched unedited. I'll never forget the feeling that movie left in me when it was over. It was like I witnessed the most epic action flick of all time, and yet I felt so cold and terrified. I couldn't explain why I loved the movie so much despite feeling awful. God I miss being a kid.
  • Not sure... Godzilla? Star Trek? Or maybe it was just the voices....

    It was the cow...

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    As a teen, I was actually terrified of horror films, wouldn't even stay in the room for a commercial! I was at a sleepover, and everyone watched Slumber Party Massacre and Halloween, except me, I hung out with my friend's mom until she went to sleep, then I remained in the kitchen alone until the next morning. A close friend of mine found out about it through the grapevine and decided enough was enough. She invited me to spend the weekend at her home. When I got there, she had a bunch of horror VHS 's and nothing else to do. We watched NOES, The Fog, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre...and many more; by the end of it, not only was I not afraid,I was hooked! In a very real sense, she had created a monster. =)
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