Suspiria REMAKE is going to be great

A clearly brilliant director behind it, and a great cast.

Dario's film will always be golden, but stop this fucking retarded blind rage against remakes. Most remakes suck, hard. . but this has serious potential if you erase what you know and give yourself time to enjoy the idea of a new tell on this story.

I will tear you apart and save the pieces


  • Luca Guadagnino is a master. Call Me By Your Name is the best film of 2017, and to think he's following it up with this is ridiculously exciting.

    Gonna be better than Argento's probs
    • Guilty Remnant •
  • Handling it.. don't worry.
    I will tear you apart and save the pieces
  • what is the story of the first movie even

    take away the color you take away the soul
  • Instead of investing in remakes, the monies should go to new film talent, that have new ideas that give us (the horror audience) something we haven't seen before. x
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