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Artist Creates Amazing “Xenomorph Rex”

3D artist Oliver Pabilona has created a beautiful marriage of Jurassic Park and Aliens by creating the “Xenomorph Rex”, a cross between a Xenomorph and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The creature looks big and mighty pissed off, spikes running along its tail and incredibly powerful legs carrying its twisted body.

One has to wonder, how would a facehugger be able to wrap itself onto a T. Rex, though. Maybe when one is an infant? The baby T. Rex in The Lost World WAS small enough to make that a seemingly likely situation. Then again, I’m trying to add logic to a sci-fi/horror world AND to a piece of fan art, so maybe something’s up on my end…

Check out the amazing illustrations below and see more of Pabilona’s art on his Art Station page.




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