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Artist Creates Amazing “Xenomorph Rex”

3D artist Oliver Pabilona has created a beautiful marriage of Jurassic Park and Aliens by creating the “Xenomorph Rex”, a cross between a Xenomorph and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The creature looks big and mighty pissed off, spikes running along its tail and incredibly powerful legs carrying its twisted body.

One has to wonder, how would a facehugger be able to wrap itself onto a T. Rex, though. Maybe when one is an infant? The baby T. Rex in The Lost World WAS small enough to make that a seemingly likely situation. Then again, I’m trying to add logic to a sci-fi/horror world AND to a piece of fan art, so maybe something’s up on my end…

Check out the amazing illustrations below and see more of Pabilona’s art on his Art Station page.



  • Really cool and it would be interesting to see the alien franchise expand beyond the humans as hosts.

    • It did in ‘Alien 3’. The theatrical version was a dog alien and the director’s cut was a cow/bull kinda thing.

      • Yes but I would like to see it go even further where on an alien planet there are various species that become hosts for the aliens which make for even more terrifying xenomorphs.

        • I’d be all for that. I think there was once an idea that alien eggs somehow made it into a zoo on Earth and there were several different alien species running about as a result.

          • Um…I think it would be more creative and mysterious to keep the story on an alien planet far way rather than earth. Also, I wonder if they’ll ever explain (properly) how the aliens came to be in the first place.

          • McGilli

            They were created by the engineers.

            Well, Going by Prometheus the face huggers are basically weapons created by the engineers – and the Xenomorph is the result of whatever the face hugger implanted its ‘egg/dna’ into….

          • As I recall Ridley Scott said that Prometheus is not an alien film but exists in its universe. Also, the actual alien is never shown so what the engineers created could be interpreted as their own version that they thought they could control, based perhaps on their run in with the aliens. Let Prometheus do its own thing and reveal the alien origin in a true alien film.

        • WindowsIsDead

          If I’m not mistaken, the a Dark Horse’s Aliens mini-series from 89 gave us a glimpse from the Xeno planet and the ecosystem along other lifeforms, the hives are really cool. It also give Hicks and Newt a proper continuity from Aliens other than their deaths in Alien3

          • Haven’t seen it but based on what you say I hope Blomkamp draws some inspiration from it for his alien film.

    • WindowsIsDead

      Kenner Aliens Toy Line pretty much dug into that.

  • Bobby Jones

    imagine a pack of Raptor-Xenos hunting you down

  • Daniel Anderson

    I need dis.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I gotta admit this is fucking genius and bad ass!!! I now want an Alien film based Soley on Xeno’s landing on earth in the DINOSAUR period and looking for a big bad host to create some Havoc and the T. Rex fits perfectly. Can you imagine? That’s actually not a bad idea thats pure Sci-fi/Horror at it’s best. Who would win at the end for the Ultimate Champion the Queen Alien or the Xeno Rex????

    • Stephen Dorian Dorshorst

      Really? T-rex? How About the Megaladon? Presumably Alien wouldn’t be hindered to just water from it, and those puppies could kill the shit out of a T-Rex in shallowish water. Combine that with xeno able to take it to land? Can you say T-rex for lunch? lol.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Thats actually a pretty cool idea honestly, but a T-REX bred Xeno would look amazing I mean look at the sketch the artist drew look wise its disgustingly beautiful lol. Megaladon would be pretty bad ass then throw in a Salt water crocodile or a swamp gator that the Xeno attach itself too and bammmm talk about an epic battle fight scene lol!

        • Stephen Dorian Dorshorst

          lol. Yup. I mean don’t get me wrong, the sketch is awesome, but megaladon was way more bad ass of that period then T-rex. I’m just saying. 😛

          • Halloween_Vic

            How about this T-Rex the king of land and Megaladon king of the ocean back in that period lol. Except the megaladon is still king of the ocean because as we speak he is still swimming in earth’s oceans picking off horny teenagers and couples who sail to the middle of the ocean for a night of fun and go missing. 🙂

          • Stephen Dorian Dorshorst

            Yes, well there are plenty of myths that they are still out there, which is always possible. The problem is there is no proof one way or the other, and until we are able to view 100% of the ocean 100% of the time, we’ll never know.

          • Halloween_Vic

            Exactly!!! I’m sure it’s out there I don’t doubt it one bit.

        • Stephen Dorian Dorshorst

          lol. Yup. I mean don’t get me wrong, the sketch is awesome, but megaladon was way more bad ass of that period then T-rex. I’m just saying. 😛

  • J Jett

    this is really freaking cool and beautifully done.

  • Drool Bear

    Now this is the dino they should have used in Jurassic World. This would definitely scare the children.

  • ishtrpioajtrk

    The arms just make it look funny.

    I’d love to see what a giant octopus/squid Xeno would look like though.

  • Darkness69

    Fantastic – love it!

  • The One and Only

    I remember the controversial Strouse Brothers. The duo behind AVP:Requiem, were hoping to do further sequels. And wanted to eventually introduce a T-Rex/Xeno hybrid.

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  • I can see it now Jurassic Alien vs Predator World!

  • astronauta69

    damn! this needs to be in the new movie

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s beautiful.

  • Oliver Pabilona

    Hello guys. I’m the artist who created this artwork. I just want to clarify something, because I don’t want to get in trouble of some sort. People tend to miss this detail. This artwork is based on a fanart creature concept by Stjepan Šejić (his portfolio site ). He is the comic artist behind “Death Vigil”. I’m merely an artist who gave another axis (3d) to his concept art (2d). Thanks guys I appreciate the support. I hope this would lead me the next step of my career. By the way I’m a freelance 3D character artist, I’m currently available too ;p . Again thanks guys I never expected that this would blow up like this after a year. To be exact I posted this artwork on imgur just to see how far it could go, and its my first public post too ;p .

    • Stjepan Šejić

      don’t worry about it mate! you’ve done an amazing work 🙂

    • Stitches

      Dude, Death Vigil is great! My wife and I have been trying to track down newer issues and hardly any comic shops around here carry them. Where can we find this?

    • Dan Rodriguez

      Two amazing artists!

    • Oliver, this is an amazing piece of work. Keep it up and good luck in your career! 😉

    • Collin Shaw

      Still a great piece of artwork

    • Dick Pickman

      Still a very impressive piece of work. Best wishes to you.

    • Halloween_Vic

      Your amazing!!

  • Panzadolphin56

    Wow, that’s awesome.

  • CeceliaMGast

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  • biecallanan56
  • ThomasEPalmer

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  • Patricia


  • Ridiculous

    Damn it takes quite a lot of time on Mudbox or Zbrush…

  • Stephen Dorian Dorshorst

    I’d just like to point out, that though it’s not cannon, and no following of it, but have been stories/comics where Predator faced a T-rex like creature (possibly earth prehistory?), so if we follow lines of AVP books, etc. in theory they could have had larger versions of face huggers, different sizes to accommodate the indigenous species on any planet they go to. Or even if you follow along lines of Prometheus movie, the large face-hugger like creature that attacked the engineer could have been big enough to attack a T-Rex? I know, not totally relevant, just saying. Either way, great artwork.

    • Halloween_Vic

      Great perception actually!!

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