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Get Ready for Halloween with These Incredible Horror High Heels

As glorious and meaty as my calves are, I don’t think I could pull off a pair of high heels. I don’t think it would flatter my ass and I’m sure I’d get blisters in mere seconds. However, I’m pretty sure there are some of you out there who would rock a pair of pumps, especially if they had a fun horror twist to them, right?

Well, that’s where the Etsy shop Steamhatter comes into play! Run by Kali Dragonslayer, the shop features a ton of incredible horror-themed high heels, as well as a few gruesome purses. I’ve created a gallery below of several examples that I think really stand out and would be perfect for putting the final touch on your Halloween costume!

For instance, there’s a pair that are inspired by Silent Hill, which is already a winner in my book. Or how about the set that look like they’re covered in eyes? And if you want to pull of a sexy zombie, there are plenty of shoes just waiting for you!

If you want to pick up your own set, just click on the link above and peruse at your own delight! You can also follow Kali’s work at her Facebook page Sole Candy.




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