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Check Out This ‘Godzilla’ Made From Scrap and Junk



Godzilla, aka the “King of Monsters”, is one of the most recognizable movie icons. Hands down, there isn’t really a way to dispute that. The gigantic lizard has stomped his way through multiple cities across the globe (mainly Tokyo) and has fought off some of the most seemingly unbeatable monsters our solar system (and beyond) has offered.

Considering how much rubble and debris Godzilla has caused over the years, it only makes sense that a street artist has created a replica of him using spare tires, empty spray cans, and other assorted scrap metal. It’s rather impressive, looking like it’s several feet tall (at least 12-15, I’d imagine) and it pays homage to the older Japanese version of the lizard, so you don’t have to worry about Matthew Broderick showing up anytime soon.

If you want to see it for yourself, simply head on over to the “…street art park off American Street in Ximen, Taipei [Source]”