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“The Social Network” Writer Explains Why You Should Believe in UFOs

You should always take conspiracy theories with a grain of salt, and do your own research. Nearly all of them can be explained away, which is why the term “conspiracy theory” has a negative connotation. But it’s the addition of the word “theory” that truly buries it because what is a conspiracy other than a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful? The word “theory” exists solely because the conspiracy can’t be proven, which in itself is why mot people scoff at them. It’s even worse in 2016, however, with all of the fake news that circulates and all of the idiots who, as I said before, should do their own research. Point is, it’s impossible to believe in something like aliens or UFOs without getting the stink eye from friends, family or even your peers.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, so to speak, many times over the years. I find conspiracy theories not only interesting, but also creatively freeing and great for critical thinking. If you’re able to separate fact from fiction, there’s more fun to be had searching for crazy shit like “hollow moon” than playing a video game. Jokes aside, the one conspiracy theory that I believe in is the incident at Roswell. Whether it was just a secret military project or an actual extraterrestrial UFO, I believe with all of my heart that there was a crash, and that it wasn’t a weather balloon. In my years of digging, I found this suggestion the most compelling: that our testing and usage of nuclear weapons is what called “them” here. I can sit here all day and convince you that this crash actually took place, but I think you’ll find much joy in doing some digging for yourself.

But if you need a catalyst to go down that rabbit hole, let this respected author help you out…

Author Ben Mezrich recently spoke in Massachusetts about his new book, “The 37th Parallel”. Mezrich is a well respected non-fiction writer who penned “The Accidental Billionaires”, which was the inspiration behind The Social Network, and “Bringing Down the House”, also adapted into the feature, 21.

In the below video Ben discuses the UFO highway located at the 37th Parallel, and the strange phenomenon of cattle mutilations. But what’s most interesting are his beliefs in UFO phenomenon and the initial crash at Roswell. This video recounts why he believes what he believes, and I think it’s a convincing argument that connects with a lot of what I’ve researched on my own. Watch the video and see if this makes you a believer. Those who are as deep down the rabbit hole as I am, what are your thoughts on his video, not to mention the Roswell incident?




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